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Friday perfect night

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Header, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Was a great night to be out, beauitful weather. Had a fawn bleet I tried just before sun down. One doe came in approx. 15 yds. looked right up at me and split along with another I did not even see. 5 mins later I was on the bleet and another doe came from the same trail just after I was done. She walked close to the same place and shortly looked up at me. They were down wind from me. Just after sundown a six pt. or better came in from behind and crossed the does trail at 10yds. and I took the shoot at 20yds. the only opening for him. Sailed his back by 6". He only ran approx. 10yds and stayed in the area for quit awhile. Pulled up the bow see if I could find my arrow and another blew and ran. There was still another in the brush I never seen but heard. The old mistake, I believe I looked at the deer in the scope and did not pick a stop. Did not have time for the fever just didn't pick a spot. He was moving at a good walk, I grunted he stopped and I shot. That was 2 shooters and 3 does w/one not seen within 45 minutes, I was keyed, going as soon as I get off work. Probably won't see one all night. This was Urban area back yard Canton.
  2. As I guessed it, Seen 2 squirrels and a lot of pestky chipmunks. Not one deer. Started to rain a bit. Sunday was another great eveing to be out weather & temps were great. Long about just after dusk a 4pt came in down wind of me and me about 15' up was spotted again. Stayed still he looked twice and was on his way, nice and slow no rush. Watched him for about 15 minutes. Trying again tonight.

  3. I know sometimes it is easier said than done but I try to pay a lot of attention to the wind direction in deciding which stand location that I am going to use. Years ago I used to think what the heck i will risk the wind because I am always seeing deer from a certain stand. But once I started giving consideration to stand location as to wind I ended up with a lot more close up deer encounters. After all it only takes being busted once by a deer or a group of deer to ruin the stand.

    Good luck to you.