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Friday Night Forecast - Rain, of course...

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by supersize, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. I make time to fish at least every two weeks, and the rain seems to 's like washing your car. Have been out Friday evening after work at CC 3-4 times, and am planning to go this Friday.

    Here's my is the saugeye bite been? Two weeks ago they were hitting jigs & minnows in 10-13' of water. Are they still hitting minnows, or has anyone had luck with crawlers?

    Any info is appreciated

  2. I fished C C this past tuesday and caught 3 small eyes on the hump off of the steep ramp off of rt#73. I was useing night crawlers and bouncing them across the hump. They were all about 13". didn't see any big ones but they are there.
    The lake is at normal level and is dingy all over. The surface temp was from 72 in the am to 81 degrees in the afternoon. With the hot weather the eyes will move to the humps to feed when the weather patterns settle. they will feed in any shallow wateer in the flats and on the humps and along some of the shore line.