French River

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  1. Me my son and my brother and his son Fished the French River last week and stayed at Lunge Lodge.Had a good time and nice weather all week.Only needed the rain gear one day.Fishing was slow but we caught are limits every day but the first day,had fish for supper several nights prepared by Marry the camp cook along with the best meals Ive ever had at a fishing camp,great breakfast packed are lunches and pies and other deserts at night it,s worth going there to eat thats for sure.Caught several large walleyes but with the slot limit we couldn't keep them between 16 1/2 to 23 1/2 Pike we caught were small 27 1/2 was the biggest most were 24 and under,no Muskies were caught at camp are week also.The camp was nice and clean are cabins were great clean towels and they made are beds every day nice place for the family.One exception was there motors were old and need repairs daily also bring your own depth finder all of theres are junk

  2. What?? No pics ?? :)

    The food does seem to taste better up there and I think the fresh air all day helps build the appetite. That slot limit is hard to beat. They won't keep it that way forever.

    Thanks for the report Redear!

  3. That's better :) Nice pics and fish!
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    sounds like you had a great trip. But if i were you i would skip a few of the desserts. lol The motors sound like a bummer though. Headed up north Wed and i am ready too.
  5. Thanks for the report Redear. Going up myself on Friday. Glad to see those walleye being caught.