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  1. This is a question for all those familiar with Sandusky River White Bass Fishing...when it rains like this it takes the muddy water a little while to get to downtown Fremont and the WB fishing is no good once that question would be, if the rain stops in Fremont tonight and it doesn't rain again, is two full days long enough for the water clarity to return to fishable conditions where the WB can see the bait/lures?...any help would be friend that I'm taking WB fishing for the first time can only get off on Tues. and I would really like for the river conditions to be right before I make the 2 hour + drive to get there...thanks in advance...catch 'em all...
  2. I logged into the site tonight with the intentions of posting the exact question. I was planning on calling head up for tuesday but wanted to know if possibly 3-4 am wednesday would be better...So..I'm also looking for some help from a local.

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    more rain tuesday maybe...
    this will be a muddy week
  4. LOL...KWILSON, your avatar picture is about the best one I've seen in YEARS!!!!...where did you get that pic?...what's the name of it or where can I get it?
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  6. Its monday and I am heading up right now.Should be their by 11:30
  7. Cool, let us know how you do...I have heard that the River is pretty muddy
  8. Portage river at Woodville is up and muddy.
  9. I went with a buddy in his boat yesterday (sun.). The river was real muddy. We worked our way up river to the sugar plant. Lots of people and no fish.

    We decided to head up to where the bay starts to open up and try for some cats. The water looked alot cleaner. It was pretty much none stop catch and release. My buddy caught two doubles on a crappie rig he was using. We caugth about 50 cats,6 bullhead,6white bass and a handful of chitheads. We also seen three deer swim across the river and watched a bunch of egales playing around the whole time we fished. So we ended up having a great time on the river.:)
  10. Thanks, Not sure where I got it from but i'm guessing its one of many Worlds Gym logos i've seen over the years. Google Gorilla Rod locks or something like that because they have a cool logo and its fishing oriented.
  11. I didn't make it all the way up I noticed the rivers starting to get real dirty, So I turned around and headed to deer creek.

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    Not familiar with that river bit it takes the Rocky River 3-4 days before it's fishable.