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Freight Fisherman/Pay lake story

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buffdaddyfish, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Alright all, I am doing a different kind of thread here and please do not be offended by it's contents. I know we are all here to discuss fish but I am always looking to provide for me and fam as well and would like to see if anyone out there can help considering there are some really great people on this site everyday. I am a freight broker with a local company here in Cincinnati and wanted to start moving some freight more geared with what I love! Anyway if any of you know of any business that moves truckload freight and needs help or is also a company involved with hunting of fishing please let me know! Again, I apologize for such a thread but I want to do well and like I said before, there are some great people on this site......BTW......went pay laking over the weekend.....I managed to get 5 flatties but the best thing was our friend Jay who had never been paylaking.....He was using a bass rod and reel combo with 12lb test line...we were using gills and at about 1am his lightstick goes under...he fights for about 8 minutes and pulls in a 28.4 lb flat head..not bad for your first pay lake fish on a bass rod and reel and 12 lb test....two hours later and again, he reels in a 27.8 lb flat head....same rod and reel. First time pay laking but I can tell you he is coming with us again. What an awesome night it was! Thanks again all!
  2. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    well coming out of cinncy....look into shipping freight for bass pro...Im not sure if this would even be possible since they probably already have their own shipping service or a commercial provider (fedex, ups)....congrats on your catch and tell your buddy he's mighty lucky to not only pull one but two decent flatheads from a paylake in one night....

  3. Yeah, if you can think of any major company you can pretty much guarantee they are already prospected or someones customer ....I would love to have bass pro as a customer! I was thinking there might be some people on here that might have a lot of out of the box ideas or knows someone that needs help in this area.........again though, bass pro would be amazing....I have been looking at lure manufacturers and things of that nature...
    I will tell Jay what the flathead king said about his fish....they sure were nice and I am hoping we can bust some more this weekend. Thats an awesome comment coming from someone that catches these big ones all the time! Thanks again all!