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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by traphunter, Dec 21, 2007.

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    Can you freeze fish with their skin on and take it off once they thaw out, or will it ruin the meat/taste?? Thanks
  2. I freeze all salmon/steelhead with the skin on. I have frozen panfish with the skin on to tell the differance if mixed bag of crappie, gills, etc etc. I also freeze and eat all yellow perch with skin on but scaled.


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    So you saying if i freeze panfish with skin and scales on, it will be okay to eat after i un thaw them and finish skinning?
  4. I used to do it all the time. On our canada trips, you had to leave the skin on the fillets for identification.

    It doesn't hurt anything.
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    alright thanks alot fellas
  6. Skin on: yes.
    Leave on then cook: yes
    Scales on freeze: no.
    Scales on clean later: no

    Tough it out, and clean right after you get home, my suggestion
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    The skin also helps keep it from freezer burning
  8. I've never heard of leaving the scales on sounds like some here have done it though. My vote too is, skin on is aok

    Also, its a given, if you get the air out of your freezer conatiner such as a ziploc bag the catch does better. FYI there's a new nifty gadget out by Renolds, or Ziploc or similar company, a handheld vaccuum sealer that attaches to a ported ziploc bag thingie. Of course you'll have to use that specific baggie (well, until copies come out) but you won't have to buy one of those expen$ive machines. Like I did.

    good luck, catch em 1st then all those other problems are ok !!
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    These catfish and musky were gutted and gilled, skin on, froze whole in freezer paper, during a week in canada, and they were just fine. I do the same with my salmon to transport but normally knock the sides off to save space. been transporting them whole froze, wrapped on a shipping blanket for 12 hrs, still hard as a rock when I get home.

  10. To avoid freezer burned fish you have to remove all air from your freezing package. You can put your fillets in a ziploc freezer bag and then fill with water, remove any air bubbles, and zip shut. This works great for blocking freezer burn and when you thaw your fish you can use the water in your garden for fertilizer. Freezing in water takes up a lot of space though and you'd probably need an extra freezer or a big deep freeze. I use a FoodSaver and it works investment I ever made! I have never had any freezer burn with the FoodSaver, and the vacuum sealed packages take up way less freezer space. As for freezing with the skin others have already stated that is perfectly fine, and I too would suggest removing the scales and slime first.