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  1. 2-28,2008 at the ampol club 4737 pearl road in cleveland..knot tying,terminal tackle for centerpinning by mike durkalec,basic rigging for fly,and spinning rods. spawn by ken harper,probably 1 of the best bait fisherman out there. basic fly tying by monte casey,steelhead guide. advance flyfishing... tying spey,and tube flys fly line applications,by jerry darkus,and jeff liskay.those two are probably two the best steelheaders in the world,and they are ohio boys.learn how to smoke steelhead,and its all free. its a great way to check the ohio central basin steelheaders club,learn something,and its all free
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    Nice! What time?

  3. All sounds good to me. Do you have to pre-register or anything for this event?
  4. no,just come to the door
  5. very cool thanks will try to make it
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    Casey, Darkus, and Liskay are huge names in GL steel. You could learn alot from all of them. It would be well worth your time.
  7. not only are the guys doing the workshop big names,there are many others that belong to ocbs,that might be there,that are huge. liskay can probably catch steel in a bath if there is a way to catch steel,jeff knows how.i was shocked how much these guys are willing to help me. i didn't know much,and they didn't think they were better.they were very willing to help me out.from my point of view,its like talking to bath ruth.they are all great.