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  1. This is a great program the Ohio Division of Watercraft is running statewide. Check with your local watercraft office for more details.

    In Northeast Ohio this Saturday, July 12, from 2 til 6PM, The District 3 Watercraft guys will be on Portage Lakes handing out FREE Mustang inflatable PFD's. It's part of a PFD awareness program that they want boaters/fishers to take part in. There are a few conditions, but well worth your time. You must pledge to wear your PFD at all times while boating/fishing. You will have your choice of EITHER a suspender-type or belt pack inflatable PFD. They have a total of 80 for those who sign up.

    You will need to also fill out a survey later this Fall that they will send you after the program is over.

    The guys will be ON THE WATER, somehwere near either Rex of Turkeyfoot, on a pontoon boat. You'll recognize the boat by the "prize wheel" on it. Stop by and tell them you saw the info on OGF and they'll get you set up.

    This is a great program and could possibly save your life one day. Be aware and always wear your PFD!
  2. Don't you need to return the PDF by the end of october?

  3. Yes. The info is on the pledge. The jackets must be returned by October 31, 2008.
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