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Free Gun Locks

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by ARGEE, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. N.canton Gander Giving Away Gun Locks..just Grab Em..nothing To Fill Out Or Anything Else///
  2. I was in Indian Shores, Florida last week and we went to the police station to buy a parking pass and they were also giving away free gun locks, i wonder if this a state or nationally funded thing?

  3. Summit County Prosecutor Sheri Bevan Walsh is doling them out also, but don't don't bother her this week. She's got her finest case workers trying to figure out how to stop taking child support out my paycheck for some time now. locks.htm
  4. yep, the same one i got in florida

  5. I work at the Gander Mtn in Huber Heights and we've given gun locks away on two different occasions since we opened in May. The ones we gave out were provided by Project Childsafe, which I think is a private organization, but I'm sure the gov. chips in.
  6. peon

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    i seen a childsafe van at wallmart in jackson... didnt see anyone handing out gun locks but the van had a pic of a gun with a lock on it....
  7. Lewzer

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    Is the North Canton store closed? The wife went by last week and said it was empty.
  8. steelmagoo

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    Willoughby residents can get free gun locks at the police station.