Free Gas?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by buzzedredneck, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Im In Wva Looking For A Place In Ohio With Free Gas From The Ground, Ive Seen Some Places Offering,,,, Anybody Here Get It Free Too? How Trustworthy Is It?
  2. Eriesteamer

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    The only FREE gas here in Ohio seeps out my back pocket.Braaaak

  3. You think there there is somewhere in Ohio where they get "free gas from the ground"?

    It takes all kinds
  4. Lewzer

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    Redneck is probably talking about natural gas. Lots of people have wells on their property.
  5. Lewis


    I think he means he is looking for property to buy that has an active natural gas well giving the owner the right to free natural gas???????
  6. Buzzed, let's see if we are on the same page. Are you talking natural gas from a well head? If so, I know of two in northern (Seneca county) Ohio.
    One has been hooked up for about 15 years with no problems, not sure about the other guy.
  7. Mine's been going for 30+ years. You have to do your own maintainence, and when it goes out , it's up to you to fix it if you want heat quickly. You'll never have a problem when it's warm, only at 10:00 pm when it's 3 degrees out. All wells are different, so no one can say if it'll last another 40 years, or 1.
  8. I:M in the canton area ,my well makes no money but it;s heated my home for 25yrs . some small problems but well worth it.
  9. go easy on the guy...he is from WEST-BY-GOD-VIRGINIA!!!!!:D :D but yes you can get natural gas free if you get the rights to it...