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  1. I ripped Franks and Fishlandr in another thread it took 2 months but they did get the order right and they more then made it right with me. My apologies to Franks and Fishlandar. Pete and Vince thank you very much.
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    I read the thread and wondered who they were and what all they sell. Got a link?

  3. Thats good to here. I was at franks a few weeks ago, bot do I wish there was one closer! The place was great people were great too. As for the fishlander blades, SSHHHHHH, its a big secret!!!!!!

  4. I ordered some Fishlander blades and it took nearly 3 weeks to get them. They were apparently moving into a new location and it was pretty hectic. I got my blades, and they are sweet, but I do think that they could have at least e-mailed me, saying that my order was going to take a while to ship.
  5. Scott,

    What in the Wide World of Sports were you doing in Linwood, MI? :) Franks is one sweet store. Everything a big-water fisherman could want under one roof. I'll be back at Linwood this July for the MWC tourney...I'll have to visit.

    What's a Fishlander blade?

  6. Check Here. They have some really nice colorado blades.
  7. My problem came in ordering the hedge hog blades out of the Franks magazine cant find them anywhere else anyone used them on crawler harnesses yet.
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    Now the secret is really out...! :D
  9. yeah thats me cutting edge jeff in on all the secrets lol
  10. Tim what else, FISHING. We went up and iced sag bay for a few days. It was a weird feeling parking my 6 monthe old truck on the ice and then unloading the quads and just leaving the truck on the ice, all I thought about was returning that night to find my rig in the drink. lol Are you going to be up in linwood much before your tourny? I wan to try it from a boat and if you need a body let me know I bought a season license and need you to show me how those yellow things with flags work.

  11. Scott,

    I sent you an e-mail re Saginaw Bay. Contrary to what Lundy warning flag also signal a fish now and again! :p If we fish together...hopefully you can vouch for that!