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Franklin Area Cattin

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by bassattacker, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. wondering if anyone has had any luck in the franklin area cattin flat heads and channels, not this weekend but next weekend im going to head out and scout new spots and areas ive located on quad maps and GIS information including topographic maps. just wanting to know if its worth the wild or should i go further south towards middletown and hamilton?
  2. I have not fished the GMR at all this year, but there are plenty of channels and faltheads in the river around Franklin. I work in Middletown 3 days a week and have fished the river from north of Franklin down to the confluence with the Ohio River. The further south you go the better the flathead fishing; channels are abundant and can be caught anywhere.

    I say give it a shot and you will likley find some productive water; just don't be surprised if you have to hike a looooooooong way to find a good spot somebody is not already fishing!

  3. be warned, the further south you go nowdays the more likely every hole will be packed after 3pm. i used to exclusively fish south of Hamilton, yes it is better fishing but the crowds and closed off areas are now ridiculous. i now fish from Middletown-north. less big flatties, fewer fish, but its close and i dont have to drive around for 2-3hrs looking for an open spot. unlike the stretches from Hamilton-north where most of the land along the river is owned by the Miami Conservency, the land along the lower stretches is all private and some of those 'ol boys down there are pretty fanatical. good luck on your scouting and if you find some good spots be sure to be secretive about them.
  4. guess ill have to pull out my MCD maps too, we do alot of survey work for MCD so i have alot of maps at my disposal and can gain access to alot of spots that people cant fish along the river just from the nature of work i do, so i might be able to get into some parts of the river that most cant, never hurts to ask thats for sure.