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Fox Lake action

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by oufisherman, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. I had about a half hour window to fish before class this afternoon so I decided to run out to Fox Lake and fish the shallow end from shore. I have caught some smaller bass off the shore there and seen a few nice ones.
    The water was still a little muddy in the shallow end, so I tied on a Storm Sub-wart. I caught an 11 inch bass and had another small one on for about 2 seconds.
    I did notice something different. THere is a spot where the water from the other side of the road empties into the lake at a culvert. There were alot of shad, or some little fish, swimming right in the current from the culvert. I tied on a small white jig on the ultralight to catch a few but they left before I caught any. I was thinking about going back and seeing if I could catch any and stick in the freezer for catfish bait.
    At least I got out and had some action becuase this weekend is studying for finals on Monday and Tuesday!