Four Mile Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by B1gDaddyT, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. caught 15 smallies in a 6 hr. trip today that started at 3 pm. caught 8 on Rebel craw pattern plug. Got the rest on Tiny Torpedo's. A fun day. Size was down on most although a couple good fish.
    I ran into three other guys that had two smallies on a stringer that they were sharing. This is the second time I have ran into them in the last week. The time prior there were 4 fish each on two stringers. This left me with a slow outting the time prior although today it seemed that the fish had filled back into the usual holes.
    Good fishing all in all. We were blessed with great skies too, What a day. Water was slightly stained and moving slowly.
  2. Sounds like a good day.

    smallies on a stringer??? Can't say from personal experience but I don't usually hear of people eating they cook up nice?

  3. I have eaten smallies a few times. nothing beats a 12 inch smallie fresh caught and cooked over an open fire on the shore! I have never eaten any from the rivers here in ohio though. I have eaten saugeye from the GMR once and never again. I think the river is too dirty to even think about eating any fish from it. but the LMR may be different it seems to be a much cleaner river. I was thinking of keeping a couple my last time out but I just through them back like I usually do! I might keep one next time out just to see if they are any good from the LMR.
  4. You would have to ask the guys that I ran saw in the creek, I didn't take any out. I was catch~n~release 100%. I want to be able to go back and catch them again...only larger. It was fun to get those kind of numbers in a creek this time of year. Cant beat that topwater bite from a smallie too!