found some dogs while bowhunting

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  1. while bowhunting the other day on some public land in delaware, i seen a small six point and two does come sprinting down a hill and then about 15 minutes later here comes three beagles. i was done hunting by then anyways and was just scouting around some different areas, these beagles come right up to me real friendly and tongues hanging out. they followed me around for a minute, i lead them to a small creek for some water, these were good looking dogs mind you, i called the number on the collar of one of them and reached some men who were rabbit hunting. i kinda knew where they had come in from and i was a long way away from there and the dogs were heading way away from where their owners were parked..i told the man i had his dogs and they were on some deer and i would hold them til he got close or i would lead them back to where he was..he told me to just let them go he would find them, although i was skeptical, i did and i knew they were just gonna get on the deer again and go farther away and they did. about two hours later the man called wanting to know if i still had his dogs he couldnt find them..i wasnt even in the woods anymore and i told him which way his dogs were heading last i seen was willing to hold them or bring em back to him, he told me on the phone his dogs had never chased deer b4 so he wasnt worried and they would come back...sorry guy if you still havent found your dogs..i knew they were gonna keep running away, too bad too, they were very nice good looking rabbit dogs and i hope they are not still out there somewhere. :(
  2. Even though I dont own any hunting dogs and dont know there habits as far as how far ahead they would think that once you lost eye and ear contact with them for more than a couple minutes you might start to worry a bit, I know I would but thats based on 2 things one I dont know if that kinda stuff is normal...and 2 I love my little mut like one of the family, it would break my heart if something happened to him, I hope everything worked out for the guy and more importantly his dogs.

  3. from what i know about em, once dogs get on chasing a deer they wont stop. that is why i was trying to hold onto them. he had his chance to come get em..or let me head them back towards where the ridge he was on. i just feel bad for the dogs. some ppl just kill me! hopefully he or someone else found em.
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    He probably found em. Beagles are good at back tracking even if they do run a deer. Also, deer can usually lose a beagle eventually because of there great leaping abillity.

    It does sound like he let them get away a little to far for to long. The smart thing to do would have been to let you hold em or head em in his direction, but it sounds like he may have been a little stubborn especially if he stated, "my dogs dont run deer"

  5. I have 2 dogs and I always want to know what they are running. Knock on 2 have never run a deer. Usually I try to make sure it is not a deer before I go chasing them 1/2 mile off. I also don't like them to get too far out of ears range since where I hunt there are alot of roads and such. I do know if I am not sure I got my finger on the button ready to fry em. Only time my oldest scared me was running down at Deer Creek SW of Columbus, she was on what I thought was a rabbit and I was following her sound and then I saw a doe bounding through the field. Well I was on the button about to let he have it and that deer turned left and she turned right. I waited and sure enough she brought that rabbit right to me. Almost a close one...for here anyways. Always got to be sure cause you don't want to punish them for doing the right thing.

    Too bad about that guy and his dogs. If you don't break them of that you can be in for some trouble.
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    It was very good of you to try to return the guy's dogs. I would hope that if someone found my dog in the same situation he would do the same, as I would. All you can do is offer the assistance, you can't make him take you up on it. If the guy stuck around long enough his dogs prolly found him.
  7. I have two beagles myself and they are house pets because of this reason. I have seen a few dead beagles on the side of roads and it breaks my heart. On the other hand I feel as if I am depriving them by not taking them out to do what they were made to do. Nice job on calling the owners! I would guess that the dogs would have backtracked to the owners. They are pretty good about doing that.