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Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by fugarwi7, Jul 19, 2008.

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    A friend of mine was introduced to my lure building adventure and made the comment that they would make cool key fobs...when I told her I have made a few of them for my kids, she wanted one. So in my ignorant attempt to impress her, I said, "name your fish and I will make it"...I shook in fear when she said, "it has to be Nemo." Well, here is what I did for time I will be a little wiser to not open the options so broadly, however, I have already had two requests for additional Nemos...I could do this in half the time the next go around, so maybe I will make a few more...this was a fun project...a little smaller than what I am used too, but in the end it turned out okay! I have put this pattern on my list of walleye baits to make...could be interesting and certainly a novelty for those on my boat when I break it out! :p

  2. haha that's awesome! I have a few crankbaits that didn't want to co-operate in the water so now they're ice scrapers!

  3. pizza


    you need to make a real lure painted nemo. That has some great contrast and woud definitely catch fish. Great work.
  4. Looks like it came right out of an aquarium.
  5. That looks so good Disney will send a lawyer!!!

  6. Looks awesome! I am glad my kids aren't looking at this or they would be going nuts! attempt would probably look more like a piece of candycorn.
  7. I think he can paint it nemo, but not call it nemo.
  8. that's cool.....
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    I think I am okay kids have informed me Nemo had a gimp fin and this one doesn't :p :p

    Thanks for the comments....and I gave it to my friend yesterday & she loved her daughter wants a green one...oh no :eek:
  10. sweet job on the nemo, fug, figure the kids are going to keep you busy now, lol

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    Looks awesome!! Can I get one for my keychain?
  12. I love it! Great job!
  13. Wow, now that is neat for a fob but I'll bet it would be a fish catcher also. Beautiful work.