Found a couple of smallies today

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tcba1987, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Fished the Tusc this morning for about an hour. The smallies were hitting buzzbaits HARD !! 3rd cast of the day i landed a fat 13 inch smallie on one of my buddies homemade black buzzbaits !! about 3 casts later i had a decent smallie hit about a foot from the bank and miss the buzzbait, but he scared the hell out of me....LOL. moved downstream to another area......... a short while later i had 3 hits on a buzzbait on one cast............worst part was i missed all 3 fish......the first one hit as soon as the buzzbait hit the water and i had it on for a few cranks and it came off.............a couple cranks later as soon as the buzzbait hit the top again i had another fish explode on it and miss..................after about 5 more cranks the 3rd fish hit and missed the buzzbait again..........i couldnt believe it 3 hits in one cast. needless to say i worked this area over hard with the buzzbait and only had one other hit a fat 10 inch smallie that i caught !!! i made a few more casts and hung my buzzbait up on a stump and lost it so i went home !!!


  2. Sounds like an exciting day, we hope to hit the Tusc. on Sunday, its going to be to hot to hunt!