Fort Myers Florida Bass Fishing

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  1. Does anyone know of any bass fishing guides in or around the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area? My parents are heading there for vacation this week and my Dad was wondering if there were any in the area? He said anything within an hour or so......anyone?? Thanks!
  2. Sorry I dont know any bass guides, there are plenty of guides that will take you out in the Gulf on Ft.Myers Beach, my Son and I fished the pier on the beach last May and caught a variety of species, catfish, sea trout, ladyfish, puffers, small blacktip sharks, all caught on live shrimp, we rented the poles and bought the bait from a baitshop up on San Carlos Blvd(main drag headed to the beach) I believe the shop is called Salt Water Pro, nice guy with reasonable prices, check out the new Bass Pro Shops store at Interstate 75 and Alico Rd its a really nice place.

  3. Yeah the BPS store down there is very nice. My wife and our kids spent a week down there this past June.
    Years ago my grandparents lived in Cape Coral and there were MILES of freshwater canals out towards the RO plant beyond pine island. That is where I have caught the biggest bass of my life to this point. My Dad was hoping to find something reasonably close (an hour or so) to do some bass fishing while they are down there. I am going to keep searching and hopefully I can find something for him. We fished on Ocochobee (sp?) several yeras ago as well....he'd like to try a different place.
  4. From what I have seen out of the saltwater guides in the area they are a bit pricey..maybe the freshwater will be different, I would maybe give the Bass Pro a call and see if they can hook you up with somebody...maybe someone left there business card in there, I know there is a good pond on airport property, my wifes cousin works for the airport and they threw Dion Sanders out of there a few years back, good luck its a great area.
  5. Alot of good info on this site here hope it helps the canals down there have plenty of fish in them just getting permission and also the ponds in the communities hold nice fish.
  6. Thanks for all of the info. I will do some reasearch here today and see what I can turn up for him....thanks again!!!
  7. Go get shiners at estero bait and tackle.They rent canoes as well and you can fish the estero river.I get shiners and go to lakes park by the home depot.You can fish from many trails in the park.The biggest bass I've seen there was over 14 lbs.My biggest was 7 and a half.Its got clear and stained water and is about 250 acres big.You will love it.I rent a canoe at estero river outfitters and take it to the park.Make sure you get permisson at the park office.Good luck!
    The park is at gladiolus and 41