Fork vs Mad - opinions?

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  1. br and 007 - Sounds like a good thread. I've yet to fish the Fork and I have had decent fishing on the Mad. As far as structure, I've run into undercuts, deeper slots, logs, rock breaks, etc. What does the Fork have over the Mad in this regard? Is one harder to wade than the other? Is access easier? Any info and/or comparisons would be great.

    I fished Clear Creek once this fall. As I understand it, this is the "newest" of the trout steams in OH. Very small and very pretty. There were some good holes and areas to fish. Saw and missed trout, caught 5 Smallies. One thing nice about being in C-bus is that we are only 1 hour away from all 3 streams.

    Can't wait for conditions to calm down. I'm starting to dream about Steelhead. So sick, so sick.
  2. Well there will be alot of ppl tell you the mad is a better place to fish. I dont like its steep gradient! The flows for me are way to fast for the most part. It does have structure, but not as much as the fork does imo. The fork in the last few years has really slowed doen as far as catching goes. The mad has larger hatches, and the fork has a lesser canoe hatch in the summer! To me the mad is more technical stream than the fork. since I'm not a huge technical fly fisherman I enjoy the

  3. Pretty limited experience with both but so far, I agree the flow is a bit much for me as there doesn't seem to be many areas to get out of the current and the land is all private around so once your in, you "should" stay in.

    The Fork held some pretty good boulder fields, downed trees and rockey shorelines. I guess, it was just a more familiar layout.

    I suppose if I were better at reading the subtle differences in currents, seams and better at identifying the feeding lanes the Mad would be just fine.

    The Mad certainly did remind me of the spring creeks we used to haunt back east. I'll definitley hit them both some more as I can this spring and summer.

    I also kept thinking that the Mad must get crowded in a hurry as it is so narrow.
  4. In my opinion, there are a lot of things to like about the Mad, such as all the work the TU guys have done for habitat and access. However, if I have a day to fish and can go either place, I'll probably go to the Fork because I never have to worry about coming back to a car that has been broken into. Sad situation for the Mad, and not much that can be done about it.

  5. i have yet to fish the fork though i would like to, i dunno 007 is it anything like brookville?? i can say that i very much enjoy the mad for several reasons. one because i know there are a few very large fish (however impossible to catch) in the stream. but my biggest reason for fishing the mad is because it can be a very technical stream, you need a good roll cast and you need to be very proficient with mending in order to effectively fish it. when i fish the mad i feel like it is the best place to practice these skills so i can become a better fisherman, or maybe i just like exercises in futility. this spring i do think i will fish the fork, anyone know how far it is from nellsonville? i have a feeling i will eventually need a brake from clear creek (man i have the best problems)
  6. brookville... hmm there is more sand in the fork, there are more phosphates in the fork "agricultural runn-off" there is more structure.
  7. Utard


    I've fished the Mad more than twice as much as the Fork, but I'm more likely to fish the Fork this coming year more often due solely to the landscape. The Fork is a beautiful river and much of the shore line is a lot more enjoyable than a 45 degree mud bank on both sides. I've only ever hooked one brown in the Fork, but it broke me off (I was only using 6x). Of all of the fish I've caught out of the Mad, I've seen none that could have broken me off with 6x unless I just wanted them to.
  8. Let's see if I've got this right - The Fork is prettier, easier to fish, has stronger fish, and doesn't have vandals. ;) I do have to agree with the Mad being very technical, at least to my level of experience. As I'm getting older and fish alone, I do like the sound of a weaker current. There have been several times when I got to the Uh-oh point in the Mad's current and it's always just beyond where I really want to go. I've certainly had my frustrating days hitting a tree with every cast.

    Is there fishing above and below the lake? Maybe the better question is - any places I need to stay away from due to dangerous conditions or landowners? Besides Browns, is there any Smallmouth action? Thanks.
  9. There is enough fishing through the park to keep one busy for days so land owners are not an issue.

    Caught the biggest smallie ever in the fork...between 20-22" ... it was beast.

    There are plenty of Smallmouth.

    There is an abundance of Chubs so the riffles can be frustrating.

    Overall the river is much like the Olentangy through the Highbanks area with Trout thrown into the mix.