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Ford Ranger?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BottomBouncer, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Do any of you guys drive a Ranger? I'm thinking of buying one simply because I would like a truck, but not a gas hog. Just something for fishing and getting around.

    Any common problems with them? No Ford bashing comments :rolleyes:
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I drive a 2004 ford ranger edge right now..I really like the truck..My last truck was a 1998 ranger, still going strong after 180.000 miles.
    If you are looking for fuel economy get a 4cyl...the v6 in the truck I now have gets 22 highway.

  3. Thanks Mr. Jack!!!

    I found a used one, but in my situation I'd be better off(financially) to buy a new one(better interest rate, warranty,etc.)

    As far as I know, the folks that I personally know that have Rangers have not had any problems. Good little cat and carp truck ;)
  4. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I always prefer to buy new if I can, because of the warranty and interest rates...Right now the new ones are about as cheap as trucks a year or two old.
  5. I have an 86 with 225,000 miles on it and it still runs great! Got it 5 or 6 years ago for 500 bucks and have not done a thing other than change the oil. I only drive it when I go fishing or hunting or need to haul something so I dont drive it every day but have drove it to Michigan several times and lake Erie lots of times with no problems. If you are just looking for something to drive when you go fishing and not an every day truck I would look for an older used one but if its going to be your every day truck newer would be the way to go. I know I like having the old truck so I dont have to worry about keeping it clean or jumping up in it after I've been wading or if I'm all muddy or something.
  6. I have a 1998 Ranger 4cyl. It gets about 25-27 mpg. I even pull my little 14ft. aluminum boat with it without and problems. Never a problem out of it, just kept up with reg. maintenance. Definately a Great truck to buy.
  7. I've got a 2001 Ranger V-6 3.0. I think I get around 20 highway miles at about 75mph. Around town I have no idea what the milage is. I've only had a couple problems with mine. I bought mine used. The problems I've had was the cd player didn't work, had to replace the tensioner (sp) pulley, and a sensor that kept telling me to check my engine. The sensor was bad and it was replaced, didn't have the problem anymore. My air bag light comes on every now and then after I pull my boat but I just ignore it.
  8. 93 ranger here. The truck has the 4.0 v6 and is a work horse. I have put it in a lot of tuff places with my bird hunting and fishing and have had two problems after 200,000 miles. I have had to replace a fuel sensor and just the other day a starter. I would say that $125.00 dollars worth of parts is well worth the the miles. I can say that a ranger is a keeper of a truck.
  9. Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson Logan's Dad

    2002 4x4 4.0 v6 w/ 58,000 miles 16mpg stock vehicle no problems.

    The truck is great and has been in some nasty places and come out perfectly each time. It did well hauling two bears out of some rough backcountry. No really... well ok... it was in Pa. But have you seen some of the hiking trails that they call roads in the northcentral portion of that state...I drove past several deceased mountain goats which had been unable to maintain their footing... ok not really. But I have driven through several trails which are very clearly marked 'travel at your own risk'. No problems.

    Probably half of my miles have a boat included. No problems.
  10. FABA_Guy24

    FABA_Guy24 Bucketmouths Nightmare

    I have a 2002 Ranger XLT Flareside Supercab 4x4 Offroad. Have had it over a year now and i like it so far. It has over 22000 miles on it.. Had a censor go bad in the engine that was causing it to hesitate, but got it fixed under warranty thank goodness.. Other than that i have been satisfied with it..
  11. Until 2001, I had owned 3 different Rangers since 1990. Loved all of them. I prefer the V6 models for the power, but still got good gas mileage (around 20-22 normally). Put lots of miles for work (30K+ per year) on all of them. I now own a '98 F150 and hate it. Has the V6 and still poor mileage (15 tops) and that motor's not really big enough for the truck. May be this particular vehicle, but I just haven't liked it since I got it. I'm looking seriously at going back to a Ranger myself.
  12. I had a 1987 ford ranger that was a four banger for a first car. I loved it, it got great gas mileage and it was a truck, I always wanted a truck. When I got it I paid $700 and it had 225000 miles on it. My family still has it and it now has about 300000 miles on and it is still running strong. We have never had any real problems with it.
  13. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    I drive a '88 Ford Ranger XLT & I love it. When I buy a New Truck in the next next year or so it will be a Ford Ranger ! Mine gets about 22 to the Gallon & runs like a Scolded Dog when we are in 4x4, Havin a Blast in the Mud. :D

    Overall I wouldnt want another truck except the Ranger. ;)
  14. I drive a 2001 ranger 4x2 reg cab 4cyl 5spd
    The 4cyl is a little slow on steep hills but with gas prices I wouldnt want anything else. On a level interstate, I easily get 30 mpg. Since its my only vehicle the reg cab gets a little cramped, especially when traveling. This is my second ranger and my next truck will also be a ranger, maybe a king cab next time though. :D

  15. BigJohn, I agree 100% with you on the 6cyl in an f150. My father has one, i believe its a 4.3L and the gas mileage is terrible, and it takes for ever to get up to speed. Maybe a different transmission would help, stays in those lower gears forever.

  16. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I've had 2 and I think KSUflash has had a couple. I love mine it's a 93 4.0 v6 130,000 miles and runs and tows awesome. No major problems ever. My old one was a 4 banger. Not worth the extra gas milage. It was a great truck but undepowered and I will never have another with the 4 cyl. I will keep buying ford trucks though. You wont beat the 4.0 liter v6. The 4cyl I had was rated at 1700# towing and the 4.0 v6 is rated at 6000#. The new ones may be more.
  17. I agree with all these guys - you can't go wrong!

    I've got 2003 Ranger Edge Supercab with tow package - 4.0 V6 4X4. I drive 110 miles/day round trip to work and have almost 50,000 miles already. I have zero complaints - pulls well, performs well, and I average right around 20-21 miles per gallon all around (including towing my boat).
    4X4 has performed very well when needed. I actually like the truck more the longer I own it - which is always a sign you picked the right vehicle.

    I will buy another Ranger if I do not require a full size pickup.
  18. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    I had a 94 Mazda, 4.0 same as the Ranger had over 250,000 miles on it no problems, still see it around town and know it has well over 300,000 on it, then bought a 2001 Ranger Edge 4.0 great truck again no problems traded it in before it got 100,000 miles on it, now I have a 2004 Screw best truck I have ever owned, plenty of power and lots of room,Just felt it was time to go with a full sized pick-up but I sure loved the Rangers.
  19. I know where a nice 2003 ranger with the edge package(and its an extra cab) is with 50k on it for 9k truck was bought new in dec of 03
  20. I bought a 2004 4x4 ext. cab, 4.0L V6 5 speed last July 29 and like it so far. Seems to go anyplace with no problems except of the sensor that reads the computer chip went bad in S.C. and I had to miss 2 extra days of work :p

    I get about 20mpg all around average

    BTW I paid $13,000 last year ;)