Ford 9n, needs work, $1200 obo Trade

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by marsh, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Ford 9n runs great for 30- 40 minutes then fouls the plugs, put new plugs in runs great,not sure what's wrong with it. Sheet metal is decent, tires are decent and hold air fine but are weathered. Make an offer, all interesting trades considered.

    I could use a brush hog, or a finish mower, atv, guitars, electronics, some guns considered, old cars, can add cash to right deal. Also looking at building a deck, would trade for contracting/construction work or materials.I'm going to decide if I want to rebuild this thing by Saturday, for the mean time, I thought I'd let you guys have a crack at it.

    Was told problem may be bad rings or stuck rings, is fouling plugs with oil. It may be headed to evilbay. Just so everyone is 100% clear, it does run with new plugs, but I wouldn't try to put it to work without someone checking it over. I don't want to pass on a bad deal to anyone else.

    I want this gone let's deal. I'm in Dover(south of canton), can't/won't deliver, keep that in mind, may need a come-along to get it on a trailer.