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  1. Anyone have experience with them?
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    What do you want to know about them? I know Merc. made them. My brother had one for years and never had a problem.

  3. i think chrystler made some also....
  4. I bought a 17ft fish & ski with a 50 hp 87 force outboard 12 years ago. Other than changing the impeller this motor has run great. They seem to get a bad rap though.
  5. Yes, I had a 2000 50 hp Force for about 5 years. It bought a Force rather than a Mercury because it was almost $2,000 cheaper. I had no problems and thought that it run great. My buddy has the exact same boat as I did except he has a 50 hp Mercury on his. The Merc was oil injected, ran a little bit quieter, and pushed the 16 ft. welded aluminum about 5 mph (35 mph) faster than the Force (30 mph). Other than that everything else was about the same.
  6. Also, the entire lower unit on the 2000 Force was exactly the same as the 2000 Mercury.
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    Read the FORCE forum in Iboats...
  8. I own a Tracker, Pro Angler 16 with a 40 HP Force motor on it.. Bought the whole package back in 1998. It's been my first boat.. Motor has been great.. Pushes my boat at around 30 MPH (flat water).. I believe too they may have a "bad rap".. I've winterized it every year, and only had to change my prop (my fault, well.. actually my buddies fault..another story)... I fish mostly Lake Erie and count on a dependable motor (dont we all!!).. I've only got an 11 gal tank and the furthest I've been out is all the way around South Bass Island and back to the Sandusky City Ramp... Not sure how far that is, so it may not run as efficient on gas as others.. But honestly, I've never been left stranded anywhere, and that makes a dependable motor to me.. Thats been my experience with Force...

    But, you've got me thinking... Anyone got any ideas on what maintenance I might want to do on this 10 year old motor??? To keep it dependable!!!
    Sorry if I'm "hyjacking" the thread...
    And Good Luck!!!
  9. Made by Chrysler until Merc bought them out in '91 or '94.

    I had one for years without a single problem.
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    As I remember when Merc bought them out they still used Chrysler powerheads etc. They weren't Merc motors just had the Merc name. Also Force HP was rated at the crankshaft and Merc at the Propshaft. Nothing really wrong with them just a economy no frills outboard.
  11. I love mine it"s a 95 40hp. The stater went out last year but with that fixed my boat mechanic said it should be smooth sailing now. He compared force and mercury to a chevy and a geo reliable just not as good looking.
  12. we have our force for ten years we have a 120 on our astro, never had a problem just changed the oil and the plugs for the money you cant beat them.:)
  13. I had a 89' 125hp it ran great, also had a early 80's 85HP it ran good too. I hear a lot of bad stories about them but have never had problems myself.
  14. I own a '94 - 120hp and it has been very reliable. My mechanic has worked on them since their introduction and he claims as with "any" engine - regular mainenance and your good to go. They are noted for poor gas mileage.

  15. I bought my Trophy new in 98. It came with a 120hp Force. The thermostat was bad from the factory, Avalon Marine came to my dock the next day, and replaced it. I have not had a lick of trouble since. I am a maintenance freak!! Far better to prevent, than repair. I change lower unit oil 2 times a year, winterize to the max, proper oil/gas blend, new plugs, you get the story. As for the fuel milage I haven't seen a problem. My Trophy is 21' and I can run from Wild Wings out to the boarder, troll ALL day long, run back to dock, and not use 25 gallons, and I troll with the 120. I can troll at.8mph without the carb loading up, and I'm just tickled at it's reliability. I know that Force has taken a beating for being junk, but I know of e-tecks, fichts, and other "top of the line" motors that are being "parted out" as well because they just didn't hold up. Take care of what you got, and it'll last. Run the snot out of it, and abuse it, and eventually you'll need a tow, or an oar.