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Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Nipididdee, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. That guy really knows how to hold a bass for a pic. I'd have guessed that thing to be pushing 20 pounds.

    Remember Nip, you cant flip with 4 pound test.

  2. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I need to start using 4lb test in tournaments.
  3. How about the "net man"...gotta get me one of those too!!! :D

    7 seconds on 4lb line and a bigbass hold like no other...

    I'm officially jealous!!!!

  4. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    the most impressive thing is that he came out wingin' that setup in a tournament in california. he's on sometime of unheard pattern lol
  5. Reel Man

    Reel Man Member

    I've never spooled up with 4lb Jeff but I hope you don't get nervous when you see me slinging 6lb out on Ladue this year.
  6. That thing has one heck of a it would eat his arm if it had a chance.
  7. what a hog, thats one to dream of catching, and on 4# test line.:) :) :)
  8. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

    Good Lord!! :eek: What a Hog! WB
  9. ranger487

    ranger487 OhioPro Lure

    WOW !!! now I wont break of anymore fish at Mosquito 4 lb line thats the secret heck The Rod Makers will be out this week better hury:D

  10. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Gamma right? Heck, 6lb Gamma is like fishing with piano wire:p !! I'll go as low as 8lb on tournament rods, that's my limit.
  11. What for???????????:D
  12. Old man...I see you finally learned how to use that computer!!!

    Your gettn' pretty fancy with pictures and all;)

    4lb test and a little worm...I'll let you net all day:p

  13. i use 4lb test all the time