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For those with Roadrunner using Photobucket

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by bkr43050, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. I have noticed in the last couple of days that I am not able to view pictures posted by some folks. I saw a few posts with people complementing the guys on the fish and I was seeing nothing. Upon further investigation I found that I was not viewing them because my Roadrunner connection was not routing me through to the URL for the Photobucket site. I imagine it affects some other areas but I have not come across any others. I contacted Roadrunner and they basically said that it was a problem they were aware of and that they had no idea when it would be resolved.:rolleyes: Here is the transcript of the chat I had with the Road Runner tech dept.

    I am not sure whether this will affect anyone else outside of RR or not. After all they stated the dispute as Cogent and Level 3 and not RR. This is just something to keep in mind if you have difficulty reaching a site or viewing someone's linked pictures.
  2. wow... I havent really had any problems but that stinks.


  3. It worked for me this morning so I am assuming that RR resolved the issue.

    Back to viewing everyone's big fish.:D
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