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for those who go to the gmr

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jdoz80, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. jdoz80

    jdoz80 Slayer of the fish


    Just wondering has any body noticed that fishing on the gmr at the hamilton spillway has seem to be bad in the last couple of years. I go up there alot I remeber some days I go up there and pull about 8 or 9 fish in 45 to 60 min. Do you think the reason for this is ecological or just people keeping everything they catch. Or could it be my fishing techniques :rolleyes:
  2. When you were catching those 8-9 were you keeping them too?
    I think over fishing has alot to do with the equatiion...


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  4. I fish there quite a bit, and have fished there since before the dam was built. It depends on what you're fishing for, but the river changes constantly. If you can work thru the snags, read the water level, flow, and clarity, and catch the weather right, you can catch fish most any time. Patience and methodology are key.

    Haven't caught any blues, and the largest hybrid has been just over 5-lb. Have taken one 30" walleye, and some nice flatheads and channels, and good carp. 'Eyes, white bass, smallies, occasional largemouth, and gar are all regular catches.

    I fish there because the fishing is good, most of the time. The layout allows me to access good water without having to climb down steep banks, which is convenient when you don't walk so well. As for entertainment value, I try to ignore the ignorant. It does get crowded at times, and it's best to wait 'em out, because they usually get frustrated and leave - after their 1/2-oz sinker won't hold and gets snagged for the umpteenth time.
  5. jdoz80

    jdoz80 Slayer of the fish

    NO I did not keep all of my catch. Most of the time I just like to fish for channel cat wich I throw back. ewwwl :D
  6. Freeze

    Freeze Cisco Kid

    Wow I wouldn't think poor fishing would be due to people keeping their catch. Is it safe to keep and eat fish from the GMR?
  7. A previous post by Insane_squad indicated he kept and ate everything he caught. I don't personally know him so I don't know if he was kidding or not. There are several fish consumption advisories for the GMR but it appears some people ignore them. I fish strictly for the sport of it. If I want to eat fish I go to Long John's or Captain D's.
  8. It can't be safe to eat fish from there! I know the Ford canal runs into there,
    which is a polluted section of water! :eek: I used to catch eyes on chartruese power grubs at the K of C dam.

  9. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    I had a great day there today, I'll make a post once I can get my photos to upload :)
  10. Here's a good one for you. Last year I pulled into the lot, and walked upriver above the dam, doing a little carpin'. There were these two guys fishing on the dam. I noticed they were gettin' ready to leave, and they lifted their stringer from the water. They then proceeded to throw about a 20# shovelhead in the trailer they were pulling with their belly-pan LAWN MOWER! I about pi*&ed myself I was laughing so hard. Well they got their gear loaded up as well and then took off on the walking path upriver! To this day I still don't know where they were going.. there is a pay-lake some miles away. If they were going there to sell it it would have been sun-baked and cooked to death in the sun! Hell, maybe they were going home to cook it!

    Hey Catfishhunter 33, I too have heard these stories of all these 30-40# blues being caught and put in to the retaining ponds along River Road. If thats the case why is it every time I go up there to do some cattin' either side of the dam is always packed with people?
  11. Don't forget i also eat eaverything i catch in my cast net!!!
    I would like to chat more but i have to fillet some goldfish for my fish stew!!!


  12. The previous state record smallmouth was caught in the Mad River in Dayton by a James Bayless.That record was set in 1932 I believe,and it was 7lbs.,it stood until a couple years ago when Kevin Van Dam's brother Randy caught a nine pounder from Lake Erie.By the way,a very large portion of Lake Erie IS in Canada.
  13. ..let them swim around and when they stop the stew is done :D
  14. Throw in a few leeches, snails and crawfish tails and you'll really have a treat. :p
  15. Insane didn't eat everything! A few of the smaller ones he just threw up over the bank and some of the fillets he gave to me for my cat to play with!
  16. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Guys, I've gotta jump in for a sec...... Insane Squad & GMRKatman, have never caught anything from the GMR. All the pics are taken at local pay lakes! :D Just kidding guys, I bet those 35lb Flatties would be yummy!