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For those of you who cut the cord, how was it?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bkr43050, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. I am fed up with Sprint stealing all of my money for my land line phone in our home so I am thinking about dropping the service. My wife already has a cell phone and I am thinking of adding a second phone and sharing the minutes. We would save nearly $200 a year and have the added convenience of the second cell phone.

    I am trying to evaluate all of the drawbacks to doing this. I currently have dial-up internet service at home but we are pulling that out since my wife and I both do all of our access from work. From what I understand I can use the cell phone to connect to the internet as well if I get into a situation that I need to access my work site from home. So what kind of advice can you guys give? I am sure some have done this. Any regrets?
  2. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Where do you live? If you switch to WOW in COlumbus, their cable internet is MUCH cheaper than Roadrunner AND you can select the speed of service and save a little money on the side.

    I have been thinking about cutting the cord as well, but we get bad reception in my house with our cell phones. Give it a try. You can always shop around for phone service as well. Good luck!

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    Another thing to consider if you live in a Time Warner area..they are now offering cable (IP) phones. $50/month, unlimited LD/Local calls.
  4. JBJ


    Since mobile phone numbers now have portability it has become a viable option. I know of several folks who have cut the cord. Don't think I will do this myself any time soon though.
  5. Pike


    I dropped my home phone about four months ago. No regrets yet.
  6. Internet service is not even an option at this point at home. We have had it at home and we are lucky to get on a couple or three times a month and that is only to get the messages that we could otherwise get at work. Therefore I am going to save that money for now. Perhaps down the line if I can justify it to do more of my work at home I will look into it. Currently I really haveno option at my place other than dial-up. None of the providers have made it out to my area with DSL and I am not in a cable area.

    I plan to port my home phone number over to the new cell phone. They told me at Verizon that this was free. Funny thing is that Sprint charges me every month a "Portability charge".:rolleyes: I have not figured that one out.

    I can go from our $40 current plan to a $68 plan and increase our anytime minutes and have free long distance, free evenings/weekends, and now even unlimited IN calling. The IN calling is unlimited time to other Verizon subscribers. It all sounds good. I am just looking for the "catch".
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    Fooled me....I thought you were asking about witnessing a live birth !! :eek:
  8. I thought maybe that would spark some curiosity.;) :D
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    Welcome to the new wave of technology and ways to empty the pockets of the customer. Funny how they figured out a way to charge for that number portability whether you move it or not... It's kind of like paying road tax on a travel trailer when it remains stationary at a trailer park community.
  10. I cut the home phone over 3 years ago and I'm glad I did. No regrets here.
    I figured I was just paying $45/month to be bothered by people I don't want to talk to. I've had 2 contracts with Verizon and never a problem. I get great reception just about everywhere I go and my bill has always been what they said it would be.
  11. That is what I was hoping to hear Fish-N-Fool.:)
  12. I work with 9-1-1 providers, and one thing to keep in mind whether your looking at cellular or IP technologies is 9-1-1 service. They are starting to get the ALI (automatic location id) worked out on the cellular stuff, although not all answering points can get your actual location yet, but are a long ways away from it on IP. Cellular calls will usually go through to the 9-1-1 system, but they don't always get your actual calling location. On IP service, many don't even allow 9-1-1 calls unless you "opt-in" to it. This requires you to go to a web site and put in the address where the phone is. However they don't route calls to the 9-1-1 system, so this location information never gets transferred to the answer location. Just something to keep in mind when you're considering "cutting the cord".
  13. Big John,
    That is something I never gave any thought to. So what added risk do you have in making a 911 call from your cell at home? Would it only be a problem if the caller was unable to convey the address information? Would Verizon be able to help me in this area if I checked into that with the office?

  14. Good point BigJohn! I've had to call 911 2 times with mine - both times somebody slid off the road and into my fence/trees and crashed their cars. I guess as long as you can talk it's ok. I never really thought about being unable to speak in an emergency, but it is definately something to consider.
  15. I will talk to Verizon about the 911 thing. If I find any useful info I will post it back here.
  16. JBJ


    That is the biggest thing for me keeping the land-line intact for now. Once the kids are old enough I may consider cutting the cord. Another is that mobile lines are possibly more likely to get overcrowded than hard lines at this point. In this day and age, it is best to have as many communication avenues available as possible. No telling what could happen and needing to contact emergency help.
  17. BKR
    Your risk really depends on what functionality the cell provider (Verizon in your case) and the answering point (probably either the Sheriff or Police Dept) that answers calls in your county. There are several phases of wireless 9-1-1 that are allowed for. Some areas have PHII which actually uses either GPS or triangulation to provide a lat/lon to the answering point. There aren't many areas in Ohio that have this. Ohio is lagging behind other states because they haven't passed a law to provide a funding mechanism for the anwering points and cellular providers to get re-imbursed (one reason this service is a little cheaper - you don't see that monthly charge on your bill for 9-1-1 service like your wireline provider has to do). PHI is more prevelant but it doesn't provide an actual address of the call. It may or may not provide the address of the owner, but if the caller can't speak, the dispatcher answering the call won't be able to verify an address. And some answering points don't respond on these type of calls since they get tons of accidental calls with no voice (this seems to happen much more frequently from cell phones than wireline phones also, which has created a greater burden on answering points). So that doesn't necessarily help either. You're right about it only being a problem if the caller can't convey the address, but in an emergency, this happens more times than you think. My suggestion is that you contact your local Sheriff or Police and ask them what capabilities they have. Also talk to Verizon and see what they are providing now and expect to provide in the near future for your area. Keep in mind that this capability, just like coverage, varies greatly depending on what tower you are on and where the 9-1-1 calls are getting routed to to be answered. Hope this helps. It's a very complicated subject and a hot topic in the 9-1-1 industry.
  18. Wow BigJohn! I can see I hit on an area you are well versed in. I appreciate you taking the time to explain all of this. You are right that it seems complicated but it all makes sense to me. I will contact both Verizon and the Sherrif department.I wonder if the phone companies off any type of service that would be for emergency calls only? I am just thinking that if this were the only reason to consider dropping the line perhaps that feature would be available. But then again good ole Sprint probably would not want to do that because it would offer an easier way to free me from their grasp.:rolleyes: