For those of you thinking about getting a flasher.

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  1. I was on Iceshanty, and reading this testimony about the guys first flasher. I thought his post was comical, and would help people in their decision in getting a flasher. So here is is...

    "I have an unfair advantage now in the form of a Marcum VX-1. This is the first flasher I have ever owned and catching fish is like too easy now that I can see them!! Went to one of my favorite honey holes and I know the trout and char hang out near the bottom. Drop my transducer in the hole and just look. Sure enough orange and red coming and going near the bottom. Drop my jig and I can watch the flasher go green, orange, red, set the hook. Nothing to it! But watching closer what is that green fliker from time to time about half way up? Reel up the jig about half way and yep theres a red flash and set the hook. First time I even knew the fish could be found anywhere except on the bottom. This is like picking apples, when you see red GRAB IT! If you aren't fishing with a flasher you don't know what you're missing!!

    Unfair Advantage Dan = Lots of fish in the freezer!!!! Poor Little Fishy's."
  2. Yep, It'll be my next big purchase. I gave it serious thought last season, but moreso this one. I was originally set on getting a Vex FL-8 Genz Pack, but Bassmaster has gave me a few suggestions in getting an FL-18 instead.

    It all comes down to coins in my pocket.

  3. i got the fl 20 last year. worked great. really like the zoom feature for deep lakes in new york
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    The Bottom Lock feature on the FL-18 and FL-20 Vex is worth the extra money.There's no reason to put the portable Vex away once the ice leaves.You can still use it in open water from vertical fishing below docks to perch and crappie fishing from your boat.It's by far one of the best investments a fisherman can make............Mark
  5. I have the FL-8 Genz Box, and i Wont go fishing without it.
  6. after using my vexilar last year with similar results my buddys wife ordered his for christmas . the best deal going is on vexilars web site. refurbished vexilars with a 2 year warrenty plus 20 dollars more for the 2 year extended warrenty. she got him the genz box fl8se delivered 4 year warrenty 258 dollars. i use the same one much brighter than the fl8slt ,excellent japenese unit
  7. just ordered mine fl8se pro pack 2 with the extra two year warranty and UPS shipping $300. and i bought a s-cable(suppression cable) to try in the shollow/weedy water. does anyon know if the cable useful? now i jus gotta keep the woman from finding out. thanks for the idea lumpyman ~Evin~
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    ive found the s-cable to be overly powerful. i could barely see bottom in 18' of water with the gain cranked to 10. that was the last time it was on my flasher. i know, its for shallow water, but what a pain to keep switching it out. for heavily weedy water though, it will work.
  9. just send that cable my way! I need one.
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    PS73(Evin)......If she even starts to get the nod.......just tell her that you borrowed mine......Truthfully, I'm glad you for you.....Jon SR.
  11. i couldn't lie to her i told her just now didn't go over to well but we'll be ok just means i gotta get her a few more christmas gifts. oh well. my problem is i sometimes see something i want and if i think i am gonna get the use for the money i will get it. even though i crack my "budget" for it. but when i do it its not on something stupid(although its stupid in her book) i get something that willl last a long time. i'll be happy with it and it WILL get used. talk at y'all later ~Evin~
  12. POWERSTROKIN: Shouldn't you be working!!!! Now you are going to have the edge on me! I have a Zercom clearwater classic and it's a nice unit..... Had it for years(9 years actually) and can't justify paying the money for a vex(even though I want one very badly) when this thing does almost the same thing just black and white! Probably better she found out by you and this week instead of in 2-3 weeks.... she probably wouldn't have taken it too well on that week =) anyway can't wait to hit the hardwater and se if you can maybe outfish me for a change! :B Get back to work you slacker!
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    powerstrokin, if you like ice fishing then you have made a wise decision. my vex is one of the best things i have ever bought in my life. i have a FL-8SE and every time i go ice fishing its with me. its as essential as my auger. if you truly like ice fishing, you will not regret it.

    Big Joshy, if you want my S-cable PM me your address.
  14. i don't regret buyin it but i do regret that shes making me send it back once i get it. she made me an altimaitem (spelling) be with her or the vex.. sucks buts shes a GREAT girl and i dont want my spending and the vex to be the reason i'm not with her. oh well. she just wants me to pay the toys and bills off before i buy any more "stuipid" toys. i WILL have one by next ice season. I'll just have to deal with it and hope jiggi'nfool let me borrow his zercom and it keeps workin. thanks guys, for all the posts regarding my purchess. and Big Joshy i'll hold on to mine if you'd like to buy it from me, they're only 18 bucks from vex if you dont want to wait for mine
  15. [​IMG]
    i mean come on shes way too damn cute to lose cause of a vex right?
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    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

  17. Keep the Vex it'll be cheaper in the long run:p
    Just kidding they make the vex everyday
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    PS73 (Evin).......Great move guy......Bye Bye VEX......This lady wins.... hands down.....She's a real touch of class....Thanks for the share of a cool pic. Jon Sr.
  19. everyone who just saw her pic just forgot what this whole thread was about! Sorry to hear you had to send it back! I like her though and she has you getting your act together which is good too! plus she's not too bad to look at! Well you are always welcome to fish right along side me! we will get into em this year just like we always do! :B
  20. cough cough PHOTOSHOP cough cough!!! lol J/K :D :p

    This thread has officially been hijacked...