for st. patricks day

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  1. what food is everyone having. i made the standby corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. i also baked an irish soda bread. my first try hopeing it turns out good it. smells good and looks good. will post pics and recipe if it tastes good
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    My future mother in law has been cooking 105# of corned beef.
    She cut back from 320# since her husband passed last month :( ........

  3. We did the St. Patrick thing yesterday (Sun),

    Bought a fresh brisket (2) from a butcher & did my own pickling for 8 days, plastic zip/lock bag & turned it twice a day.

    Then she took over & rinsed the meat 3/4 times & all day cooked it in a crock pot type of thing. I guess one calls it a broasting cooker (?). Well she slow cooked it for about 7/8 hrs., added potato's (halved) for the last 1 1/2hrs., added quartered cabbage the last hour. It turned out, well, lets say that I had a big stick with me the whole time at dinner to ward off the people who could NOT STOP EATING. :D
    Out of the 2 briskets that were cooked I managed to hide enough left overs for a second helping today.

    Remember the full meaning of St. Patrick's Day, not a thing for drinking but a serious HOLIDAY for one that brought Christianity to Ireland.

    Happy Holiday, Nik
  4. rubins and is good....