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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Captain Kevin, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. I am offering for sale all the snow in my driveway. Make offer, You pick up. No deliveries. Would make excellent counter weight for a pick-up during the blizzard, or also excellent irrigation for a garden eventually. No pictures available, looks just like the snow in your yard too. Serious inquiries only. Thanks.:D
    The Captain.
  2. misfit

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    you must post an asking price per market place rules:p:p:D

    ps......................good luck unloading your snow.seems like demand is low right now,as most people,including me,have a huge surplus of their own.and it was FREE:p

  3. oops i Just read For Sale and under it, it Said Capt Kevin i was goin to see how much to shovel my driveway forget it now. Im here all day folks till the wife says different.
  4. capt....i'll sweetin the deal!!i'll make it a buy one get one free and i'll send the wife and kids to shovel it into the truck
  5. Toxic

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    I may be interested. One request though, You have to keep it until the 08 deer season, I have no room for it now. I would be will to pick it up then. :D
  6. If I hadn't just bought a whole truckload, I'd be interested...............
  7. I think someone just dropped off a couple of truck loads here.I know i didnt order any.whom ever it was can u please take it back.I promice no questions will be asked
  8. This whole post is becoming a little "flakey";)
  9. I'll take it if you package in 5 gal buskets.
  10. Yo Kevin, If your's has one little black spot sticking out of it like mine has I'll take it. You need to call and talk to Jul's about "DEVIL DOG". She keeps trying to retrieve her fuzzy slippers with her in them.

  11. Mine has bunch of spots in it but they're all brown ones from Roxie:eek:
  12. mrfishohio

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    Any pictures ????:D What model? Any signs of yellowing?
  13. As matter fact yes, and by some odd freak of nature the yellowing resembles letters;)
  14. I know a guy who might take you up on it. He will send his wife over to pick it up. But you have to keep his wife in the deal.
  15. eyesman_01

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    WOW! For once I got lucky and you guys got the snow instead of me. We just got a powdering last night, and the piles from the last snow. But I do have some bare ground showing through also.

    Cheer up though, spring is on it's way. I've seen robins, sandhills, bluebirds, and the flocking blackbirds are back. Skunks, coon, and opossums are littering the roads. The ice is breaking up and it won't be long.
  16. mrphish42

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    Since this is a for sale item.......I'm guessing that that it's ONLY listed as your "BASIC WHITE".......I'm guessing "scratch and dent" might cover suspect "yellow spots..... brown streaks....and the occassional chocolate layered look....Lacking posted price in original ad, I might consider trade of more or less (equal value)........minus a few deer and goose droppings....... Signed ........semi-interested party.......
  17. Let's not "drift" off the subject. I will make someone a heck of a deal and sacrifice it for free in exchange for some hunting rights to private property.
  18. CoolWater

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    All this talk of snow for sale got me thinking about a movie from a few years back... I'm going to guess 1980's or early 90's... anyone help me remember what it was?...

    Had a kid on top of a mountain that was going to race the high school prep bully down the course... the kid had like a burnout friend with him that was snorting the snow or something and said "This is PURE snow, do you have any idea what the street value is for this?!" Anyways I recall the movie was pretty funny just can't remember the title... o yea I think it was also the movie where the paperboy kept coming by asking for his 2 dollars... maybe it was 4 dollars... just kept coming into scene now and then asking for it.

    Help me out gonna drive me insane not to remember what it was called...
  19. The One

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