For Sale/ Hand made carved walking sticks

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    Handmade walking staffs, Handmade waiding staffs, Also Handmade Walking Canes and Protection sticks. All sticks,staffs, and canes are hand carved, stained and painted. They are all made of Hardwoods found in Ohio and Louisiana. Can be custom sized to fit the user. Every one is a one of a kind. You can be assured there is no two alike on the planet.They make great gifts and are bought by many as a piece of art. Many have been sold only for the purpose of collecting and taken home and placed on the wall for a display piece. Each one is cut fresh and allowed a month to dry then hand stripped then hand sanded. If any carving is done it is done at this time then hand sanded again. Then it is stained and painted at this time, after drying is complete five coats of poly is applied with drying and sanding between each coat of poly. End result is a very shiney and tough stick. Very hard to scratch. If you or any one you know would be interested in owning a one of a kind staff or cane. Please check into site or call locally at 419-399-4075 Most completed and available work is displayed on the site. Trades are also taken into consideration. Become one of many of our satisfied customers and own a one of a kind piece of useable art. We have several customers that have a differant cane for each day of the weak, each Holiday and for whatever mood they may be in that day. If you find one you like or have any questions please dont hesitate to call us. Thank You Satsuma Sticks/ Artist C T Mcdonald and B L Vance