For fishslim-What Do You Guys Think?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by NorthSouthOhioFisherman, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    We all know about how fishslim goes around to old holes and manages to catch fish. Well I was at Cabela's today and saw this and it made me think of him. Also got a new snowmobile for the Erie Ice-
  2. RUMOR has it he now is carring a new weapon, an AUGER... believe me Indian has no chance now, no fish is safe with his knowledge of that place..... Now if he would just give some us advice....:)

  3. Lundy

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    If all works out as planned I'll see him at Indian Monday afternoon and I'll get to see his shiny new auger.
  4. Ha! lol! That kinda looks like what i been using!! Rumor is true Auger is in van ready to start drilling. But went there today to play and knowing it was weekend just new there would be plenty of holes so i left it in the truck.;) Bad move plenty of dead holes out there today. One bite one nice saugeye. Nothing rest of evening. Getting even for the 5 from other day i plucked. :p Not much activity there today as for pulling in eyes was very very slow. :( But i did not go as far for my 1 as you Kent!!;) Was it windy or what out there!! Coldest i been all winter.!!
  5. Yep Lundy still planning on it as well. Hope ice stays decent with warm temps. Was some fish caught today but very slow day for saugeyes. Dunns was not very good few caught but not very many!!:(
  6. Hey but my fish had plenty of quality time that came with it. Nothing like freezin and then refreezin on the way home. Could have been much worse. Think I may stay closer to home for the next week though in order to catch up and learn the secrets of the 6 ft jig rod from the master himself.