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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. I have a 55 gallon tank set up with no live plants and 3 red belly piranhas and I am running a Magnum 350 canister filter.

    My question is about whether I can not run an air pump with this setup. I just moved the tank close to my room and the air pump is louder then I care for. I have tried to move it and reaarange it but it is not help.

    Would not running an air pump be bad or does the 350 cause enough surface disruption and water moving to maintain?

    I did some looking online and have read that contrary to what I believed true, the air pump does not add oxygen to the water it only causes surface disruption and helps move the water around, and is not necessary if you have a large enough canister moving the water.

    Anyone have any ideas???
  2. Alwsfishin

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    I think you'll be fine with the filter. Just cause as much surface action as possible.

  3. Everything sound be fine without the air pump. The filter itself sound definitely circulate enough water to maintain a healthy tank.
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    I don't have an air pump in my tanks (125 gallon and 90 gallon) and have no problem. I don't care for the loud noise or bubbles. You'll be fine.
  5. Thanks for the info guys, I thought it would be okay but wanted to check with someone who had experience greater then mine first.
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    got a 350 magnum on a 125 gallon with no air pump works fine.. also got me 3 piranhas in a 75 gallon. ones a guy and 2 are gurls. seems like all they do is mate and lay eggs and he guards um and tries to eat your hand through the glass but when u stick your hand in the aquarium, hes a wussy. they were the size of a quarter when I got um and now they r the size of a big blue gill. great fish! anyways the magnum should work.
  7. How do you tell if the piranha is a boy or girl? I have been interested in finding out but I haven't figured it out.

    Do they need any special conditions to breed? Do they eat the fry when they hatch?

    Mine are the size of a small bluegill, got them when they were very tiny too.
  8. I have the same set up and I use a timer on the filter to shut it off and turn it on when its time to get up for work. Have not had a water problem by doing that.