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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by MuskieJim, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. MuskieJim

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    Quick question for all of you veteran steelheaders regarding the pics of the larger fish I caught this weekend. Can someone give me a round-about estimate on how much you think this fish weighed? The only scale I have is on my boga grip for muskies, so I really have no idea. Let me know your thoughts...

  2. Nice fish!

    I'd say it went right around 12 lbs. but it's hard to tell from a picture.


  3. I would say around 10 pounds.
  4. I'll say what mepps said, maybe closer to 9
  5. creekcrawler

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    The fish just looks big 'cause you caught it in such a small creek.:p

    5#? :p :p :p
  6. MuskieJim

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    I measured the fish at 32 inches to be exact
  7. you are getting into the Holy $$%^&T catagory! 11-12 lbs! good one!
  8. If it was 32" I'd say a solid 10 or 11 lbs with that girth. That's a great fish.:cool:
  9. K gonefishin

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    General rule of thumb is subtract 20 from it's length and you got the weight, 32-20 = 12

    I'd say 12 give or take a 1/4 pound.

    works for walleye too.
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  11. This steelhead pictured below was 30" and was 12.5 pounds but had a girth of 18.5 inches. He is holding the fish out which adds on to the illusion of a bigger fish. It is still a nice fish but not more then 10 pounds IMHO.

  12. MuskieJim

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    I will admit that I'm pulling a little bit of the In-Fisherman hold out, my arms are probably half way extended. The illusion does add a few inches, but it was honestly the largest steelhead that I've caught to date. I watched another gentleman land an extremely large fish out of the Grand, which he estimated at 14 pounds. His buddy walked over with a hanging weight net and he was right on! The pin was resting right between 13 and 14 pounds.

    I have read many of the forums on OGF and try to gain as much knowledge as possible. This has been my most successful steelhead season to date, and I am curious as to the tendencies of larger fish. Is it just luck of being in the right place at the right time? Or do these fish seem to hang out in larger, deeper runs with lots of water to roam? Any insight?
  13. A lot of it is luck of being at the right place at the right time. The more you catch the odds of catching the bigger ones goes up. This year the ratio has been 1 out of 60 steelhead have been 10+ pound fish. Most of my bigger steel have been caught as the rivers were coming down from a blowout (visability under 24 inches).
  14. it's very hard to estimate a weight from a pic. you can make a fish look just about however you want behind a camera. it's definitely a pig and i thought that when you first posted it. a 30" fish i'd estimate in the the 10+lb range. again there's a lot of factors involved in it. i have caught 30 inch males that were shy of the 10 lb mark and i caught a female last weekend that was really porked up and just shy of 30 inches i wouldn't be afraid to say was probably pushing the 11lb mark. i've caught hundreds of steelhead over the years and my largest landed to date was a 33" 13 lb male. i have lost a couple pushing the 15lb mark just never managed to land one. they're out there!
  15. MuskieJim

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    The largest fish posted at Grand River Tackle for the annual steelhead contest is posted at 15 pounds, 4 ounces at 35 inches. Freakin PIG
  16. MuskieJim, thats a pig anyway you slice it... grin
  17. So what would a 19" fish weigh????:D ;) I'm with you so long as the minimum length for this rule of thumb is 25".

    looks like a nice 10lb+ fish in my eyes
  18. wow...those are some big fish!!! nice job!
  19. liquidsoap

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    Awesome fish.
    Just If the fish is over 24" just subract 20 from its length to get its weight (within reason).
    So 32"-20=12lbs

    That is just a round about figure, but its actually fairly accurate.