Fontana Lake North Carolina

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    Heading down to NC Monday and just found out that the resort that I am staying at is right next to fontana lake. Anyone ever fish this lake??? Would it pay to fish below the dam or would the lake be better?Whats the main species??? I will be on foot so if you have any access ideas it would be helpfull.
  2. I went there with the family at spring break for a few days about 5 years ago. Fontana is the most beautiful lake I have ever fished and I fish Dale Hollow a lot. The crystal clear lake with the Smokies surrounding it, is very picturesque. We stayed at Fontana Village Resort. I rented a small jon boat(6 hp motor) from Fontana Village Marina and took my own small trolling motor. I caught lots of smallies on tubes on points. No giants but lots of fun. I didn't fish from shore. If you are driving on "The tail of the Dragon" road make sure your brakes are in good condition.:D

  3. I flyfish a lot down in the smoky's but i've never fished fontana. I did read about the lake a few times, one guy wrote about catching a ton of bluegills on a flyrod he claimed were the biggest he'd ever seen and the other article mentioned the lake ha good trout fishing where the creeks come in