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    Took the wife and the canoe out for a few hours on the mid-west section of Hoover several days ago. Ended up with about 15 nice crappie including her 14" FO. Going to try tomorrow morning if the rain and wind hold off.
  2. misfit

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    nice slab:B
    hpefully the shallow bite holds till i can get back there and hopefully boat someting like that.

  3. I hope so too. What's the chances of it lasting for another couple of years? :rolleyes: :D

    Nice fish by the way.
  4. Ditto what those last two slackers said ;). Work is kicking my butt right now or I'd be out there rain or shine.
  5. Hey nice post Steve,
    Great to have a partner like that. Even if she
    out fishes you. :p

    Capt Hook
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  6. You know Rick doesn't work. He's just old. :D :p I hope he's taking his nap right now. :D
  7. I would be carefull of what you say about Rick, I have only fished with him once but I know he is still a tuff guy, and as I understand he has quite a few compadres that will always cover his back. I am just kidding with you I am sure it was in fun, but just for the record the first part of this post is true.
  8. gonefishin'

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    Don't ya hate it when the wife out fishes you? Mine does it too.
  9. Check out my signature. ;) You'll see it was all in fun. I've been aboard the SS Misfit plenty of times. Plus I am his "son" so I can harass him a little. I've seen a few fish that size caught in the SS Misfit. Just too bad we didn't get many of them at the same time. :(
  10. JignPig Guide

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    Good pic. Nice fish. Good post. I hope she left some for you...
  11. misfit

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    yeah,what's really too bad is you didn't catch any of them:p :D
  12. I never said I did. I just said I seen them caught. :D