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  1. I am going to start tying flies to use for fishing for steelhead. I want to start out with these patterns...

    - Wooly Buggers (white and black)
    - Sucker Spawn
    - Single Egg paterns
    - Nymphs
    - San Juan worms (just for fun)

    Plus I am going to start tying some jigs as well.

    I am eager to get started but dont even know where to start. Should I buy one of the starter kits from Dicks? Im not sure what materials I even need to have as a starting point. Any recomendations on hooks?

    Could anyone recommend a site to buy materials from?

    Thanks everyone... sorry for the newbie questions. Gotta start somewhere :rolleyes:


  2. A good place to go is Jann's Netcraft. They are located in south Toledo. The website is :

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  4. Larz979 - Where are you located?
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    The best there is!
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  7. Im in Elyria in Lorain County. We have a Gander Mountain near us but it seems a bit pricey.
  8. I actually have gotten a lot of my materials from craft stores, since they are the cheapest. Of the craft stores I've been to, Pat Catans has the best selection and prices. From craft stores I have gotten marabou in all sorts of colors, colored ostrich plumes, pheasant tail feathers, peacock plumes, other assorted feathers and biots, lead wire, glass beads, monofilament thread, floss, tinsel, craft fur, chenile, yarn for dubbing, etc. I buy the Red Heart label spools of yarn that are multicolored and then cut them into very short lengths and just pull apart to create dubbing. By doing this you get one pound of dubbing in various colors for less than $4. I also use longer strands of yarn pulled apart to tie bunker minnows and jigs.

    The big box stores like Dicks, Gander Mountain, etc. are usually most expensive for materials and you'd be much better off going to a more specialized outfitter or fly shop. I like Erie Outfitters in Sheffield Lake, or if they don't have what I need I go to The Backpackers Shop in Sheffield which has a larger selection.

    Rather than tying egg patterns I make glue eggs which end up looking just like real eggs. You can get a glue gun from a craft store for $3 and the colored glue sticks from any fly shop and maybe even the big box stores. The colored glue sticks come with directions on how to make the eggs.

  9. Thanks Everyone... Hopefully I get all of this figured out before season really gets in full swing. Still have a lot to learn.

    THanks again

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    folks have been catching fish for over a month now i'd say the season is swinging. tie up a load of sz 10 OLIVE wooly buggers and get out there this weekend should be good.