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  1. I am new to Fly fishing for bass, grew up fly fishing for trout in Colorado. Once I moved here to Ohio, I haven't been out fly fishing, didn't know you could use the fly rod to fish for bass.

    I pulled out the fly rod this weekend on a couple of small creeks around Middletown (Gregory creek & Elk creek). Ended up catching about 10 smallies (6 -12 inches), 5 bluegill (4 -8 inches), and a few creek chubs (6 inches). Caught all of them on a size 14 Prince Nymph and a size 12Grey Stone Fly Nymph.

    I just want to know if it is worth trying to fly fish the GMR in Middletown. And if so, what fly's tend to work better than others.
  2. when fishing warmwater I tend to go much larger than trout fishing, and I use much more active presentations. wooly buggers, clousers, and poppers are the main fair, I like big flies, cover sizes from #8-2/0. fish heavy cover and dont forget the frog water. if you want something more familiar both brookville and the mad river are about an hour from you I think, and both are pretty good trout streams though they can be challenging. if you have two flies for local warmwater, a size 4 chart. clouser and a #6 olive bugger.

  3. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    The gmr in middletown is just fair to OK for smb but the wht bass start to show up good down that way,esp belwo the last dam gong downstream.They run to 18" but avg 10-14 and put up a good account of themselves on a 6wt. I use a 6 or 7 wt on that section of the river and a 15' type 6 sink tip. Flies that look like minnows/shad or all black from 3-4" work best . You're probably looking at a #2 hook w/ deceiver type wing/tail ,a lrg wooly bugger or a rabbit strip. I like to tie my flies so the hook rides upside down by using lrg brass eyes to make it ride that way to keep from hooking the bottom as right on or just off the bottom will get you the most hits. There are sugeye in there too but the bite for them is best when the water is much cooler. Channel cats show up on the end of my line regularly down that way after the fly has been chewed by a few other fish that give it "taste".sm buffalo can be had but not on a regular basis as well as the occaisional quillback.
    Fish where the current dumps into pools,along the sides of heavy/deep water and runs w/ lots of large rubble or stone. Always hit the eddy up top where the riff dumps into a deep hole.Cast across the currents and let it swing into the side areas where fast meets slow. If you're dragging across bottom ;keep it skipping,swinging;keep it twitching. Like rK said; active retrieve.TC1