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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by harle96, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. harle96

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    I have some flies that were designed for Salmon. Do these have any place here in our tribs. I normally stick to egg patterns here in Ohio.

    Can some of these be used as a jig/maggot combo under a float??


  2. these work early in fall and at the end of season when the water is warm and fish are willing to chase bait(had some hard hits while swinging a fly across a pool). in cold moths, try using them in muddy water dead drifted, maybe with a trailer of nymph or egg. or, as you say, jig&maggot style, that would work. in clear flow these are too flashy though, you get the idea

  3. Fishaholic69

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    I know the buggers would work and prolly the blue minnow for sure. I have caught steel on buggers and clouser patterns in the lake erie tribs. blue is a good color to use right before dark. according to jim nagy the last color a steelhead can see before dark is shades of blue?
  4. harle96

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    Thanks for the input guys, Looks like they may be worth a try if I can't get anything else going.