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  1. I spent yesterday on the Fly-n-Carp with Capt. Andy up at Alum Creek. I had a great time and learned quite a bit. Andy is a great guide and teacher, very relaxed and patient. I was able to hook 4 and land one. I lost the first 2 when they sailed under logs. Andy even jumped in to get my fly line out from under a log. I thought the fish was still on, but while we worked on the first hang-up, it went under a second log and broke off. I literally watched the third fish inhale my fly, but as I set the hook he spit it. We got the 4th fish out into open water and what a fight. It made 4 or 5 runs under the boat and one straight at me when I thought I had lost it.
    I learned what to look for and how to cast to Carp. It is very difficult, easily the hardest kind of fishing I have ever done. Andy made the whole experience very enjoyable. He never got upset when I made a bad cast or landed in the trees. He gave clear directions and was very open with his knowledge. Although I may have only hooked 4 (my bad), Andy easily put me on 50 different fish to cast to.
    The Carp really is the “Freshwater Bonefish”. The sight fishing, the accuracy needed, and the unbelievable power of the fish make it an incredible target. If you haven’t had the Carp experience on a fly rod, definitely try it.