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  1. I spent yesterday on the Fly-n-Carp with Capt. Andy up at Alum Creek. I had a great time and learned quite a bit. Andy is a great guide and teacher, very relaxed and patient. I was able to hook 4 and land one. I lost the first 2 when they sailed under logs. Andy even jumped in to get my fly line out from under a log. I thought the fish was still on, but while we worked on the first hang-up, it went under a second log and broke off. I literally watched the third fish inhale my fly, but as I set the hook he spit it. We got the 4th fish out into open water and what a fight. It made 4 or 5 runs under the boat and one straight at me when I thought I had lost it.
    I learned what to look for and how to cast to Carp. It is very difficult, easily the hardest kind of fishing I have ever done. Andy made the whole experience very enjoyable. He never got upset when I made a bad cast or landed in the trees. He gave clear directions and was very open with his knowledge. Although I may have only hooked 4 (my bad), Andy easily put me on 50 different fish to cast to.
    The Carp really is the “Freshwater Bonefish”. The sight fishing, the accuracy needed, and the unbelievable power of the fish make it an incredible target. If you haven’t had the Carp experience on a fly rod, definitely try it.
  2. sounds like an awesome day, carp are one of my favorite fish to target on the fly, a real challenge to cast to, hook, and land. it can be an accomplishment just to hook one. were there any certain patterns they wanted, that can make a big difference for those things

  3. riverKing - They took both the Tan and Orange Barry's Carp Fly and the brown and tan BH Lil Bugger.
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    Sounds like a blast, I also love to sight fish carp. Its very exciting to see them rooting around the flats and being able to watch the whole process take place and man they can pull. Glad you had a great day, I have heard real good things about Andy and the carp-n-fly. s
  5. Wading the Tangy this A.M.

    Saw some Carp, targeted them with a Hairs Ear Nymph...both seemed to approach and sniff but no strike THEN...I casted a few yards up and away from the ones I saw and a huge cloud of mud heads right where I dropped the fly.

    I tell you, I thought I hooked a Volkswagon. Unfortunatly, it got off some how. Figured it must have straightened the fly but it hadn't, just got off some how.

    Wow, can't wait to really catch one. That fish hit and drove off like no other...straight, steady, upstream and very powerful.

    I guess the Carp are feeding aggressively now? Maybe with the low water not enough muck flowing to keep them happy?

    Must have been awesome to have gotten lessons!
  6. That first run is unbelievable. VW or a semi or a good-sized Carp - not much of a difference. The nymph was a good choice, but did you ever think you would be using Trout flies for a Carp?

    I think the low water is forcing them to move more while feeding. When the level was up earlier, I would see the Carp lined up waiting for food to wash past them. I haven't seen that behavior lately.

    br - if you see an old guy on the river just between the bike path bridge & 270with glasses and a big-brimmed hat with a neck flap - that's me. Hope I see you on the water.
  7. I'll catch you up there one day, I'M sure.

    Looks like the river is going to be the way for me this summer. Most of "my" Ponds are weeded up and Hoover hasn't been too good for me this season other than the spring Crappie run.

    The HEN has produced Gills, Crappie, Small Mouth, Brown Trout, Suckers. Large Mouth, Sunfish and now a Carp.

    If I had left it home yesterday, I don't think I would have caught a thing...of course, a Lil' Bugger will offer similar results.