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  1. Does anyone have any tips for a beginner Flyfisherman???? Thanks
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  2. Most fly fishing shops will be happy to give you basic casting lessons. Grand River Tackle should be able to help you. TMF in Ravenna has a learning class every so often.

  3. Excellent tip!!...get casting lessons BEFORE you ingrain bad habits as I did from being self taught. Also talk to those same folks at those shops about the type fishing you hope to do & they'll help get you set up......also, look at ...Check out the beginning fly fishing, the bulletin board, etc. There is a TON of help available there.
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    Best advice allready given. Take a lesson. S
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    Yes, definitely take a lesson. A one hour private lesson from a fly shop is not very expensive and definitely worth the money to save yourself bad habits.

    But then, the next most important part, IMHO, is to practice, practice, practice your casting.