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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by One Legged Josh, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Let me start out by saying I love to flyfish. Also I enjoy the company of some flyfishermen. But I have noticed some people that act like we are some elite group of over confident pompass jerks. They know who they are. Flyfishing is beautiful in its purest form but that dosnt mean Im better than the guy next to me with a spinning outfit. I dont need a $1000 rod or a $50000 hybrid suv to be a "real flyfisherman". I hate seeing people looking down on someone else for wearing $25 waders and a $100 rod. Or for keeping a reasonable amount of fish to eat. (gasp)
    Some people act like we couldnt possibly care about fish unless we throw them all back. I do catch and release but I shouldnt be made to feel guilty if I want to eat some of my catch either.
    How do you guys deal with the "none holier than I" attitudes I run into on the river all the time? I feel like smacking them and shoving them back into their land rover. Keep it simple. Have fun. Share your sport.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
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    I know what ya mean. Eventhough I am flyfishing more than anything cause i have more control over what I can do, but heck we all starterd with spin and bait casting! Even I dont see to much cost difference wether you buy fly out or spin or baitcasting. But it boils down to stream ethics. It is downright getting bad. So dont just blame fly fisherman since I seen a lot more the other way around. I usually say hi and hows it going if I pass by another fisherman but a bunch are pretty much stuck up. They are usually bait boys.

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    If you are an overconfident pompass jerk you are an overconfident pompass jerk. Simple as that. It doesnt matter what gear you use or what you drive. There are just as many overconfident pompass jerk bait guys as there is fly guys. Do you really think that people that you are addressing this to are going to read this? The people who are going to read this are the ones who enjoy the sport of fishing the same as you. I dont understand why you would even bring this up.
  4. One Legged Josh

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    Gsteel: Who was I adressing this to? I was asking how do you deal with the "better than you" attitudes we run into on the river all the time. It is an opinion/observation of what alot of us see on the river. Im not saying its just fly guys either or blaming them /us for anything. I have ran into both before.
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    Sorry my mistake. I just ignore them or move on. Most of the time I just move on because there is plenty of water to fish.
    Nothen chaps my butt more than someone judging others buy their equipment,waders,vest or way of fishing. I dont care if the person next to me has a $10 or $1000 rod (fly or casting)as long as as were having fun. I went into one of the big fly shops up here,and was told that unless you have at least $300 in a setup it wasnt good. To some that is true but to alot of others its not. Hey a fish cant tell how much a rod cost! More times then none when I say hi I've gotten friendly compliances while fishing, thats what its all about. So I say if your someone who judges,KEEP WALKING but if your not pull up a spot and lets fish. Keep it real, enjoy the outdoors and the fish.
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    I am new to fly fishing and have yet to witness any rude fly fisherman but being a fly guy myself might help me out. but guys you will find out who I am real quick if you try to get lippy on the stream! haha jk. by all means take a fish and eat your share but I am against the taking of a steelhead just for its eggs. been clear on that in the past. I am a c&r guy myself. anyways I would expect this attitude out of spincasters torward us but not the fly guys. also I have cheap gear just because its what I can afford but it gets me out there. I was hoping to learn from the fly guys this year. hope everyone gets along out there!! there is enough water for us all to fish.
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    try skipping some nice round plump rocks over the water to see if you can get them to skip once or twice. have fun!!!or just walk around in the water about 100 ft upstream from them!
  9. hey, I think you're talking about me. :) I pretty much only flyfish, and am very much a snob about it. although I'm not pompous or arrogant. I'm very social on the streams. but I do look down on bait fisherman.
    case in point, some yokel hotspotted a local spot where I fish all the time. since then the mouthbreathers have invaded, and the stream aint been the same since. what was a nice spot with fishermen who I see regularly is now trampled by these duds. and garbage on the streamside has become commonplace.

    as for expensive gear, it kinda does matter. a $100 rod is very different from a $500 rod. but it's a difference that only experience will teach you.

    as for me, I hate pinners. theyre all about numbers, and the spirit of fishing eludes them.
  10. I move to another spot......that being said I think you run into all kinds. I say hi to most of the people I run across, but the ones that get me don't even say anything, just look at you with some dumb look on their face. There are many places to fish and the last thing I want to do is stand by some a**.

    I'm going fishing this morning, see ya
  11. for all those who 'look down on bait fishermen', there's two reasons why I fish:
    1. to get out into nature
    2. to catch fish

    if switching to bait allows me to catch fish that day, I just completed my day.
    For those that take offense, well, the next time I'll bring my kids and they'll throw rocks all day - that's what makes a kids day.

    God gives everyone a choice to be what/who they are but he also said to 'do unto others...........' .

    Can't we just put away the "I'm better'n you" attitudes? In the end, we all have to use the same facilities.
  12. Really don't look down on baitfishers at all. Just want to have a good relaxing time out on the water. Always say Hi! sometimes it's ignored but just keep on walking. Growing up in Slavic Village and Cleveland in general..pompous doesn't really seem natural to me especially with a flyrod in your hand. We are from Walleye/perch fishfry trolling, baitchucking, pleasureboating land, I grew up with it... Not really a flyfishing culture here, you have to really commit to it. Alot of people do for a season and then realize it's not for them. But in the end it is all fishing and it is good for the sport. I fish rocky in the spring and summer I will not see anyone for 2-3hrs...or not at all the whole trip. But, in the fall it's gets crowded. But I enjoy having it to myself for half of the year. In fact, I was drawn to flyfishing because if offered more solitude. I have met some really good people on the water though very helpful and I shared what I have learned.
    It's all just fishing,
  13. I have never run into a spin/bait fisherman that has pissed me off. I have been fly fishing for almost as long as I have been able to walk. The thing that most bothers me is the yuppie fly fisherman who saw "A River Runs Through It" and decided that they wanted to be a fly fisherman - so they go buy the top of the line orvis rod and reel, waders, vest - the whole outfit. I was brought up by three generations of fly fisherman who learned the art overseas in England and Australia, all very conservative in nature. I was taught to have proper etiquette and class. For any fly fisherman to be snobby to another guy/gal on the river, is unexcusable and a disgrace to the sport.

    I don't remember the last time I used a spinning rod, and it's not that I'm against them, I just enjoy being able to plop a size 16 royal wulff into some pocket water that had just been fished through - and still catch fish.

    To me, and the generations of family who taught me what I know, its the principal of being in the stream, feeling the water rush between your legs or the tug of a trout as your fly swings around at tail of a pool. Not to mention the enjoyment of winter fishing and trying to keep your reel out of the water as you bust the ice out of your eyelets - as crazy as it sounds.

    It doesn't matter if you have the best gear, or if you're like me, hand-me-downs that are 30 years old. I fish with an orvis rod and a hardy reel, and I have been for the past 7 years. If I told you what I used to use, you'd laugh at me.

    I am not talking down those who are new to the sport, by any means. To me, there's nothing prettier than seeing someone fly casting in the stream below as you cross a bridge, so the more the merrier. Please show proper etiquette on the stream. Our sport is about class, so show some.

    Wow - that's a long one...
  14. Although I do own a couple of spinning rods, I don't use them. I fly fish only and have no need to fish bait. Am I an elitist? Maybe. I would rather fly fish and not catch anything on occasion than dunk worms. Fly fishing offers a challenge that bait fishing doesn't .
    Do I look down on bait fishermen? Yes, most of them. Why? Let me tell you why. Look at the the banks of your public fishing areas and you will see the remnants of bait containers, empty hook packages, tangled monofilament, empty beer cans/bottles, soda cans/bottles etc. No matter where you go there is going to be something to that effect.
    I have a creek that butts up to my property. It's a nice creek and I'd like to keep it that way. There are however those folks who come (via access at a bridge, cause I won't let anyone have access through my property anymore.)
    and leave messes that I have to clean up. I'm tired of cleaning up beer cans, worm containers and the like. There is one piece of crap that comes numerous times a year and he has left fish attached to a stringer and then left them there in the water. The one time I was able to release all the fish ( they were all panfish and the largest one was only about 5 inches long.) before they died on the stringer.
    Having said all this, I have no issue with bait fishermen that actually have real ethics and clean up after themselves. Sadly there are few of them around here.

  15. well i might say that being a fly fisherman for almost 50 years and have amassed some nicer rods and couple hardy reels but it doesnt make me holier than thou on the stream ---if it makes someone jeleous thats going to be thier problem as long as im legal and not infringing on the next guys privacy.--- i dont care what he's using or how many fish he kills or what legal method he uses. (the guy that brings his kids to throw rocks where im fishing will make me leave )

    i can also say when i fish a no kill/ flys only section of a river---i might be the target of some of the holier than thou "Dry Fly Purists" because ill fish with streamers and nymphs

    i think it boils down to that someone has to feel more important than the other guy at the other guys expense----" The All About Me " syndrome---i dont care if we are talking about a troller cutting off my drift after seeing me land a fish on the sandbar or the guy that cuts you off on the highway and slows down

    Its all about respecting the other person and thier stage in thier fishing career whether they are trying to catch a fish or a mess of fish or 1 big fish or a mess of big fish or just to stretch a line and enjoy the day and not kill anything.
  16. man are you for REAL!!!! ...
  17. I have to admit that most flyfishers I've met are more respectful of the environment as a whole. I flyfish, lure fish, bait fish, fish from a boat, kayak, floattube and wade, in both saltwater and fresh. I make sure I pick up some trash others leave behind every time I go out. Its getting to the point that I am sickened by the littering and obnoxious behaviors of fishermen. Weather its idiots in bassboats buzzing past me 70mph while I'm in my kayak or googans walking up to my spot and crossing my line, its getting worse every year. I can honestly say these morons are not the type of fishermen that hang out at a site like OGF. I would wager that most of us here are equally appalled at lack of fishing ettiquet. However, I'm close to coming to the unfortunate conclusion that most fishermen I see are inconsiderate litterbugs that give us all a bad name!
  18. Yes, I am for real! I'm sick of people who litter and have no respect for nature.
    I can see from my back door who is fishing down at the creek. None, and repeat NONE of those goofy POS have picked up after themselves the entire time I've lived here. I have to clean it up! What really boils my blood is people who have the balls to catch tiny fish (not even close to being keeper size), put them on a stringer, pack up and go home only to leave the stringer in the water with fish on it. This guy has done it more than once. He's even left a minnow basket in the water and left. No he doesn't come right back, he doesn't come back for at least 2-3 weeks or even longer.
    How about the idiots that came out here night fishing one time. They were on the far side of the bridge from where my property is. They started a little fire but failed to put it out. By morning the thing had smoldered into a much larger fire that had to be put out by the fire dept. So there you have it, and maybe you can understand my bias against most bait fishermen.

  19. misfit

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    jkurtz,without getting into the main issue,im just curious about that creek.does it abutt your property as stated,or is it just close?if your property extends to it,then the land along it belongs to you and those people are can post it,call the law or whatever,to keep them out.
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    I also feel the same way. not saying I am a elitest. it just isn't fun to me anymore to fish bait. I love fly fishing. maybe its because you have to trick a fish into eating the fly and you don't sit around and just cast and wait for a bite. but thats just my opinion. if you wanna spin fish by all means spin fish. I did for many years. I seen the fly guys out there when I went my 1st time steelie fishing, I used spinner bait and caught one huge steelhead just to have him break off at my feet. what a noob I was. haha. well watching this guy fly fish and catch 3 sucker fish on what I now know is a hares ear nymph in 10 minutes while I casted a spinnerbait 100 times past steelies almost snagging the fish on accident
    (another noob mistake) with no bites changed my mind right then. I went home that night and researched fly fishing and now I am where I am today. trying to be one of them elite guys you talk about. :D