fly fishing leader recipes for steelhead?

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    I was gonna give flouro a try.. I have been searching the net and asking around here about this and had different answers from just about everyone and everywhere I read. I have read to make your leader thinner starting off with 25lb butt section so it sinks faster. sounds good. I have heard to use mono for the butt section and add flouro to it using a knot or even a barrel swivel. also sounds good. but whats a good recipe to use? I am gonna be nymphing with egg patterns next time out and wonder what leader recipe you guys recomend for a fly rod? I am gonna get some flouro today after dinner and wondered what lb I should get? I have been recomended 8lb, or 10lb and even 6lb for clear water.. I already have leader making material from rio. its regular mono in every size you need.. just need a good recipe? basically I want to start off with mono and end up with flouro. I will be using split shot and unweighted nymphs and fishing 4ft deep or less.. any reccomendations? I want a 9ft leader. should I use a micro swivel? help! remember this is for a fly rod. not spin cast or can you use the same recipes for both?. also can you connect the flouro and mono using a bloodknot if need be? any help would be greatly appreciated!! some of this is confusing when all that teaches you is you own experiences and the internet!
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    I use this site a lot because you can very the length and size
    The formula I use the most starts with a hard butt section, amnesia then chameleon for the mid section and ultra green for the tippet. On the V when the water is real clear I have gone down as low as 6lb but mostly run to down to 8lb. I was told by a good friend (a guy that lands more fish than anyone I know )that when it comes to steelhead fishing conditions more bad things then good things happen with fluorocarbon. My leaders start with a loop connection and I use double surgeons knotsfor the rest . Putting you flies where the fish are can mean breaking off a lot so the loop connection is a big help, blood knots are to fussy for me and the surgeons knots have not caused me any problem,. You can also tie in a dropper loop.
    This is on of those things that everyone does differently.
    If you google "hand tied steelhead leaders" the options are almost endless.

  3. Buy or borrow from the library "Steelheading made simple". From the DVD, I use 3-4' 20lb Amnesia (Red), 3-4' 12lb clear or green Maxima(mono) and then your tippet. I first tie the amnesia to the fly line using a nail knot. I use the double surgeons loop to tie the lines together. Tippet: I use 8 lb P Line CFX leader (flouro). I use the Trilene knot to tie to the fly (Palomer knot works great also). I usually use one or 2 BB shot on the tippet. Sometimes I put the shot on the 12 lb near the knot so it does not slide down. If you use a float indicator, keep it on the 12 lb mono so you don't lose it on a snag.

    I bought an Orvis Cinch Tie fly knot tool. I use it to tie the knots.
  4. I use a mon tapered 3x to a barrel swivel and fish 6lb or 4lb seagar flouro off of that, I swear by seagar 6lb flouro!
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    thanks guys for all the help. I made one recommended to me that was 2 ft of 20 2 ft of 15 2 of 13 and 2 of 10. then a very small barrel swivel and then 8lb flouro added to that. it casted pretty good. I will ahve to give you guys a try.