Fly Fishing Instruction?

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    Looking for some information on where someone would go to get instruction. My mom is looking at getting into it and needs help, other than from Dad and I. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    for free try youtube for some lessons. also try your local library. you can have movies sent from other local libraries also. I have gotten a few from there. also if ya got money which I do not have much of these days then you can order some. also try flyanglersonline fly fishing beginners 101 section. teaches ya the basics and it taught me how when i 1st learned

  3. "Women in the Outdoors" is having thier get together at leesvile lake area this weekend ---casting and flytying is tomorrow ---it might be late to get that arranged----Neshannock Creek fly shop in Pa has a 2 day seminar for women in the spring---there are a number of FFF certified casting instructors in the area available for private instruction, check the FFF site for contact.

    There are going to be a few seminars on steelhead fishing (fly and otherwise)---check the local shops like Rodmakers shoppe in Strongsville, Backpackers Shop in sheffield or Erie Outfitters in Sheffield Lake---a lot of the semnars are free

    a lot of information can be had at the local FFF and TU groups, there is something going on for the cost of joining, speakers, instructors (Tim Rajeff just came thru this spring for casting)