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Hey Guys,

I just took up fishing last summer because my kids wanted to do it. I was attracted to the coolness factor of fly fishing and thanks to this site and a friend from work, I landed my first fish on a fly this past winter. It was a 24 inch steelie on a 9wt.
We are headed to Glade Springs Resort at the end of June for my in-laws 50th and while the others are out golfing, I'd like to take my 10 yr old son fishing. Ideally we'd both get an outfit a little lighter than my 9wt and we'd catch some trout. Anybody have any experience with this area of the country? Is June/July and ok time to be fishing? I'm planning on getting a guide so if anyone has any recomendations I'd appreciated it.

Any info you can share with me would be great.

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