Fly Fishin the Del. CO Lakes?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Wild One, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Never really seen or heard of anyone fly rodding Alum Creek or Delaware Lake (except me), so thought I'd just ask if anyone here ever does or has.

    While cruising around trying to put a couple cranky kids to sleep last week I happened upon two very promising looking arms of the lake that really look kayak/float tube friendly. Thought I'd post a few pics b/c I had the camera with me at the time. The pics really shouldn't give away any particular spots.
    (the flower pics were taken in some Delware wildlife areas though, so I thought I'd throw in a few just for fun)




  2. Have fished both with the fly rod, no real success to speak of BUT not real time spent either.

    I am closer to Hoover have spent more time fishing it and have had some great days...early spring and fall seem best.

    Spring for Crappie in the flooded trees and fall for Bass.

    Jim at MRO told me he fishes Alum, ask 'em if you get in.