FLW Tour Detroit- local top10~!

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  1. http://flw.flwoutdoors.com/tournament.cfm?cid=1&did=0&t=results

    Many local Northeast Ohio anglers know Chris King. He fishes NBC & NOAA with his wife Lynn (OGF member) and Father in-law, Tom Smart.

    Chris has done exceptionally well in the Stren events on Erie in recent years credited with top10 and above on more than one occassion.

    He signed up for the Detroit FLW Tour event and was WAY back on the wait list up until the very night before the event. AND...he got in!!!!

    This is his FIRST full pro event and has made the top10 cut for the final two days!!!!! tied in 6th with roughly 38lbs.

    This dude is as rock solid human you could ever wanna meet, making my envy turn into full tilt boogie cheering for his potential win.

    Get 'em Christopher!!!!! BIG BROWN vibes being sent your way!!!

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    I had the opportunity to hang out with Chris a little bit last summer up there during the Norton tournament out of the Black. He is definitely a super-nice guy, very humble and is line for a well-deserved big payday!

    Best of luck to him and Clapper!
  4. Congrats to Chris stickn out the challenges from a day1 rough water tow and smackn' a limit on day2 for 9th place and... $26,000!!!!

    Look at this guys Pro stats...very few have that kinda accomplishements in the infancy of their pro career.

    Awesome job Chris- don't look back at day1, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

    Congrats to Steve Clapper, the General for shown' off his skills... $200k for 20brown fish!

  5. Thanks Nip for all the support for Chris. Of course I think he is awsome because he is my hubby. But he has done an awsome job fishing on Pro side of all the FLW tournaments he has fished. If you don't know Chris he does fish NOAA tournaments with my dad and he has a great time. Nip runs a great show. Chris had a great week, he had a lot of fun with this tournament and I am sure he will be back next year for the FLW tour open out of Detroit. He did have to make a decision on Saturday to go into north shore of Canada and not try to come back in because he told me the waves had gone from 7 ft to 10 ft. Thanks again for everyones support this week and he will be back next month for the STREN out of Detroit and maybe he will have an even better week next month. Lynn King
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    Congradulations Chris!! :) WB