Flushing a motor???

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  1. Me again. So I'm really new with all of this stuff so bear with me. My boat I just bought has a 9.8HP Mercury and the guy I bought it from said I should probably have it flushed before I take it out. He explained what I do but I have no tools to do it. can I just take this to any boat shop and they can do it? Any suggestions?
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    not sure what you mean by flush it out? with water.or do you mean decarbonize the motor?

  3. the guy told me flush it out with air or water to clean out any debris that could get up in the motor?
  4. how old is this motor?? you;ll need a set of ear muffs to feed the motor water. NOTE .never ever run your outboard without have a water hose hooked up . it only takes about 10seconds to burn a water pump up , or put it in a barrel of water . if you need motor work .I recomend VIC:S marina , they do good work .
  5. Why would a guy sell you a motor and say you should have it flushed before it is taken out? Unless he drove it in sand or something like that. If so, the damage is likely done already. You'll be starting a motor with dried sand, silt, mud, etc. in it.

    You can flush it yourself if you buy a $7 set of muffs. May as well go ahead and do it now, you'll likely use them in the future. They look like ear muffs you wore as a kid and go on either side of the water inlets on the lower units. Hook one side up to a garden hose, turn the water on, and start the engine.

    If you're doing the de-carb thing, you'll need to buy a can of SeaFoam from Autozone and dump it and a gallon of fresh gas in your portable tank. Easiest to do it on the water, hook the fuel line up and run the motor for about 5 minutes. Shut it down and let it set for about 10 minutes (soaking the carbon buildup around the pistons and exhaust side water jacket). Then start it up and run the motor again. You can do this a few times until the gas is used up. Hopefully you've got another tank with fresh gas to get you back to the ramp or to continue fishing (if not, bring some oars). Good luck, motors will last a long time if you take care of them.
  6. he said he flushed it and the end of last year but he advised me to do it again.