fluoro leader material vs fluoro line

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a difference? What is the difference?

    Why use the leader material when the line...with the same strength....is so much more cost effective?

    After researching, it appears that P-Line and Seaguar fluorocarbon line is 100% fluorocarbon. I'm confused about leader material and the line.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Fluoro leader material is stiffer than fluoro line and has alot if memory. The line is softer and can be spooled but it is no near as soft as mono. Have fished a few differnt brands of floro line and the only one really wroth using is gama's fluoro line. But even it is not easy to fish with. Berkly vanish is softer than gama but the line is not a strong. Over all what I have found best is to spool up with mono and use a 5 foot leader of the fluoro line or leader material.

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    I used to just use the leader material...
    I started using 6lb pline fluorocarbon for bass so I bought a big spool.
    I ran out of the leader material and used the rest of the bigger spool. I actually broke a lot less steelhead off with the switch.
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  5. Flouro line is normally used for wary fish, clear water and light bites. It is a bit more sensative and obviously the fish can not see it as easily. I wouldn't use it for everyday fishing though...it's not necessary for fishing most creeks/rivers/lakes because you're usually casting/retrieving and looking for agressive takes.

    Flouro is best suited for jigging or pulling livebait or some other finesse presentation.