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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bubbahunter, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Man i just had a week and a half of this nasty flu bug.I haven`t been this sick in years.hope nobody else gets it as bad as i had it. spent close to 4 days in bed before the fever broke and i started feeling better.getting better just in time to start fishing hard.

    What are some of the home remedies you use to beat the cold and flu bug?


  2. I've been fighting a cold for a month. Lot's of veggies plenty of fluids.
    It went into the sinus area last weekend and put me in checkmate. (had to see the Doc)
    Antibiotics and some codeine based cough syrup have me on the upswing. Not well enough to see my son's first indoor baseball practice tonight. They start in the cages. :( :mad:
    Good luck with the flu. I've heard it's a barrel of fun. It hasn't visited us. Like to keep it that way.
  3. Plenty of Jim Beam and tea. It works everytime.....JIM
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    Can't help ya Bub, I haven't had even a common cold for going on 20 years. Last time I was sick I contacted the Taiwan Flu..... I do know that plenty of bed rest and good old orange juice works......... THE CATKING !!!
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    I had it. My ex-wife had it. My daughter has it. My girlfriend has it. My girlfriend's son has it.

    A little medicinal Beam does help
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    ok..da king.. what da heck is da Taiwan Flu?? is it worse than the good ole american flu??
    if i catch any cold, about the only thing i do is drinkin plenty of liquids..juice, gatorade, water, whatever.. along with several chugs of nyquil.. turn up the heat.. cover myself in blanket and sweat...
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    i hope you knocked on some wood...you'll get sick now...that the way it works...lol
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    i had it 2 weeks ago and was off work in bed for a week. still have some lingering sinus issues. i also had it back in november and lost 4 days work then. next year i will get the flue shot.
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    Da King must have caught the Taiwan flu, while in Taiwan!
  10. Actually, my antidote has always been Blackberry brandy, with a beer wash. The brandy seems to soothe the head and throat, and, with enough combinations of brandy and beer, pretty soon I forget I'm sick. :D
    This flu has been going around work, quite badly, but I've been lucky to avoid it. Mostly, when I noticed it coming around, I stepped up my vitamin intake and added some lysine and echinachea.
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    I just got over the flu.
  12. Haven't had a serious illness (cold or flu) for a long time, but anytime I start to feel under the weather I just put on multiple layers of clothes/sweatpants, get into bed or a sleeping bag, and just lay there and sweat it out. Obviously, you need to drink plenty of water in doing this. This method works for me, as I have not been sick for more than 24 hours in over a decade.